Pixar Covers and Alternate Soundtracks by SgtYayap

Well, my latest leisure project involves making an alternate soundtrack for Monsters, Inc. :smiley: Here are the two cues I’ve done so far, the cues being for the scene just before we are introduced to Sulley and Mike. :wink:


Part two: when Randall first appears, and when Mike enters the Scarefloor.


I love these. I always imagined Monsters Inc (Or other Pixar films in that matter) having a darker film score, and I’d love to see a finished project. Keep it up.

Thanks! :smiley: I myself feel that the original Monsters, Inc. soundtrack was a little too light-hearted, especially considering it’s SUPPOSED to be about monsters. :confused:

Anyway, some more suites since my last visit.

Part three: both of these cues are during the first day of Scaring. The Terminator theme was used for the Scarers’ entrance. XD


Part four: when Boo first appears. Don’t worry: the scary music only represents Sulley’s initial views of her. XD


These are also very good. Do you actually plan to add these to the final film?

In this case, unfortunately, I can’t add them to the final film without risking a whole noisy cluster as a result of the original music in the film; unlike early 5.1 movies, which tended to have dialog strictly in the center channel, for instance, all of the sounds, dialog, and music in Monsters, Inc. are clustered into every channel. :confused:

If it wasn’t like that, then I probably would’ve done it. :slight_smile:

As an alternative, I’ll consider reuploading the pieces with visuals from the film. :wink:

I DID THIS TOO (not with Pixar films but Blender foundation open movie projects. Why them? They’re under a CC license and Pixar films aren’t. Plus they were easily accessible to me).

Oh? Where did you find these Blender movies?

the blender movies (or short movies) are actually three separate production blogs.
i could give the links to all three but i’d need to spend countless hours copying all three links. so, i’ll just post a link to the blender main website gallery. you should find it there under open movie projects
here. all three movie links are here (there’s also an open game project but that’s not important).
blender.org/features-gallery … -projects/
i’ll also post my video somewhere soon (i am allowed to do that).

Might be interested in one of them: Sintel, I think? Though, it looks like you need to purchase it to get the blender content. :confused:

I think the models and animations will be posted up soon. I think they’re just trying to get the last of their issues setup.
The video’s though are free. Just download them.
Out of all three, big buck bunny is the closest to pixar’s films.

That’s not the impression I got out of the Sintel site; only model that seems readily available is the model of the main girl. The rest seem to be implied in this quote:

“DVD 4: Data (8 GB)
Full export of the production svn, all models, textures, animation & shot .blend files”

Yeah, I myself think Big Buck Bunny sounds Pixar-esque.

Well, I return with a remix of Randall’s theme, in the style of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. :laughing:

soundcloud.com/sgtyayap/randalls … esia-remix

Decided to expand the title of this thread, given that I’ve done Pixar music beyond MI, in this case, Finding Nemo. :slight_smile:


Just to say, the best way to put your alternative soundtrack in a movie would be this. If I’m not mistaken, the special editions of A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2 and Monsters Inc have audio tracks that only play the sound effects, so you’d be best placing it over that. Only problem is that they’ll be no voice overs, so you might want to consider creating a fandub of some sort.

Yes, I did notice that in the case of Monsters, Inc. I’ll keep that in mind. :wink: