Pixar Custom DVD Covers

very cool! I love the simplicity of the Pixar ones! Just having the main characters up against a white background makes it simple, yet graphically pleasing. Reminds me of some movie posters I’ve seen. I always did like the simplest ones best :slight_smile: The ones where every character is jammed in dont always look good to me.

iCoty - Cool! I’ll consider sending you a PM in due time. Great work on the Ratatouille cover, by the way! It looks awesome.

– Mitch

Icoty: The ratatouille one looks rally impressive. I like it a lot. Keep it up there!

And here’s A Bug’s Life!

iCoty - Wonderful! In fact, I think I favor your version of the A Bug’s Life DVD cover than the official thing itself.

My apologies in that I have not yet sent you a private message regarding the Ratatouille cover you created. I shall endeavor to do so as soon as I find the time.

– Mitch

Looks great, iCoty!

Hey icoty. I really like it. The ABL one looks really nice.

Thanks guys, glad you like em’! I guess now we just wait to see Wall-E!

BTW, this set has expanded to include Digital Animation films in general…there’s nearly 40 in the set now, but I’ve only posted the Pixar and some of the Dreamworks stuff…so if you all want to see the others let me know!

WALL•E! WALL•E! WALL•E! :smiley:

iCoty: I can’t wait to see more from ya.

Wow, these are really really cool, iCoty!! My fave one is the Cars one - you really made the colors pop. :smiley:

I remember there being a sight all about fans sending in custom DVD covers, but I think the whole site got shut down for “infringing copyright” issues. Don’t think that’ll be an issue, here, though - we all know this stuff is purely fan-made. :slight_smile:

On a side note, is there any way you can PM me the measurements for those? I’ve wanted to give a try at making my own DVD covers as well. :wink: Thanks!

I especially like the Nemo one, mostly because I don’t like how Nemo was not included in the actual DVD cover.

He’s one of the main characters and he’s part of the title, so why not put him on the official dvd cover?(I told my brother about my opinion on this subject, and he said “You’re supposed to find him, that’s why he’s not on the cover!”)

Anyways, great job!

Thanks for the compliments! The measurements are 3240x2175 pixels for a standard dvd cover.

Thanks Remy! Glad you enjoyed these. ANd yes I agree with you…Nemo should definitely be on the front cover!

Sweetness!! Thanks! <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/grinandwink.gif” alt=“;-D” title="Grin and

Wink" />