Pixar Custom DVD Covers

This is the set of covers I designed for my Pixar Collection. I still need to do Bug’s Life and Ratatouille. It’s Apple (the computer company) inspired in terms of design. What do you guys think? Note that these are low-res previews and not suitable for printing.

I’ve also done covers in the same style for Dreamworks digital animation films. You can check out my site http://www.virtualaftershock.com to see those.[/url]

The spines look like this when lined up:

Truth be told I’m rather partial to those DVD covers. Nice job :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad you liked em!

They’re all so neat looking, iCoty!

You must have spent a lot of time on them. I like the simple design and the white-ness of them (for lack of a better term). If Apple ever had to design Pixar’s DVDs, I’m sure they would look like just that. But I’m not sure that I like having the Pixar DVDs next to the Dreamwork ones. :wink: Just joking.

Are you going to design a cover for Ratatouille?

LoL, yeah, I should get rid of those darned Dreamworks covers, huh! Haha…

Thanks for the Apple compliment, I tired to design these with Apple in mind! And regarding the Ratatouile covers, yes, I have actually already started it.

I love these so much!

The bad news: You haven’t done Ratatouille yet.
The good news: You totally forgot about Antz! xDDD

Seriously, I think they’re awesome! :smiley:

Oh, and welcome to Pixar Planet, iCoty! :wink:

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Very nice. A cover for happy feet would be lovely.

Btw Welcome to Pixar Planet :slight_smile:

azzstar, that’s welcome to Pixar Planet. xDDDDD

BTW, iCoty, you forgot A Bug’s Life, but thety’re still awesome! :wink:

Maybe all you guys missed iCoty saying this…

Now really, enough of the repetition.

bawpcwpn: First of all, your username is the hardest to type. Secondly, O RLY?


Ooops. It was the pretty pictures that distracted me… I look forward to future DVD covers from iCoty in any case.

WOW! Those are really cool, iCoty!
They do remind me a bit of Apple, with the white background and the simplicity that makes it look so clean. It’d be cool if Pixar released alternate covers like this on the Blu-Ray but I don’t see that happening.
Anyways, good, I mean, great job and welcome to Pixar Planet!

iCoty: First off, welcome aboard the Pixar Planet Forums. Second, I am totally impressed by it. So clever, so creative. Really nice. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again fella’s, I will be posting Ratatouille and A Bug’s Life soon, hopefully in a few days.

Oooh, cool. :sunglasses:

You’ve got me wanting to try something like that with a couple of my favorite films. Some covers I’ve seen for movies aren’t so great.

These are awesome, iCoty! That’s a very interesting idea in the first place, designing your own DVD covers, and I love how sleek all the Pixar ones are.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ll be posting covers for Ratatouille and Antz in the near future…hopefully by tomorrow :wink:

Hey, if you want to check out some of my other covers please feel free to checkout my site:


It has a ton of other custom covers available for download and in hi-resolution ready for print. They’re all in the Download Gallery.

iCoty - Those are actually quite nice and luxurious-looking, iCoty! I wouldn’t mind having one of those covers myself to strap onto the backs of my Pixar DVD collection. (I do agree with rachel, however, in that it is kind of unnerving to see both Pixar and DreamWorks DVDs/covers side-by-side. Heheh.)

Great job! I look forward to the A Bug’s Life and Ratatouille covers. :wink:

– Mitch

Icoty, I checked the link. I have to say, very impressive. I also look forward toward the Ratatouille and Antz ones.

Here’s Ratatouille!

Hey there Mitch, yes, I do have the hi-res suitable for printing versions available. Send me a PM and we can figure out how I can get them to you. They’re about 2-3 MB each in size.


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