Pixar Fan Commentaries

Rachel: I feel really silly asking this, but what BnL shorts are you talking about?

JesusFreak - Those would be the five short films, the extras on the WALL•E DVD explaining the history behind Buy n Large, about the Axiom, the robots etc etc

Hey commentary peeps. Just a heads-up that Peter (qxgnxamy) has handed over the commentary project to me for the time being, so any questions/requests/schedule updates, please address them to me via a private message. If it’s quicker to let me know via chatting, or if you want to discuss something at length, you can contact me via Skype when I’m online.

As a general rule, I will not be contacting people through a PM to remind them to send me their schedules or that a commentary is coming up etc. Otherwise the commentary will go on ahead without you, or without taking your schedule into consideration. You will have to make sure to regularly keep an eye on the Fandom section for any updates to the commentary threads if you don’t want to miss out.

— Rachel. =)

So you will be in charge now huh rachel? I believe Peter made a good choice. :wink:

Aw, shucks. Thank you, The Star Swordsman. I’ll try my best. =)

If you haven’t done so already: if you want to participate in WALL•E (or any other commentary) could you please click here and post your rankings for all the Pixar films (for which ones you want to do a commentary on, from most to least)?

If you gaze at my icons underneath my avatar, you’ll see that the Fan Commentaries medium now has a usergroup. So if you’ve participated in a feature-length commentary then add yourself to the group to show your interest in this exciting fan medium.

Now the commentary threads have been moved from the Fandom section into their own specialised ‘Fan Commentaries’ sub-forum. Hoorah! =)

For the movie we are going to comment on after Ratatouille, does anyone have any suggestions of what they want it to be? I have to know soon so that I can call any new participants for a practice commentary, if they have never done one before. I would like to do The Incredibles, but overall it doesn’t bother me which order we do the films. Let me know if you have a film in mind, or whether you’re happy with anything. :slight_smile:

Rachel - After Ratatouille, and until the Up DVD is released, I intend on engaging in only one other commentary session, and that would be on A Bug’s Life.

– Mitch

I would love to do the Incredibles. I could say so much about that movie. However, this is just my first choice. I would not mind commentating another Pixar movie or movies before TI

Mitch - My question wasn’t so much which commentaries/films you want to participate in, and which ones you don’t (although, it would be handy for me to know that information, too, I suppose…). I was more asking which film you would want to participate in sooner rather than later, so we can pick the film that is going to be done after Ratatouille. :wink:

The Star Swordsman - Thanks. =) BTW, you’re the biggest The Incredibles fan on this forum so you have to participate in that commentary - how would your schedule be for April/May if we did end up doing TI after Ratatouille?

Well, naturally I’d go for my first pick: Cars. Though I wouldn’t mind doing an Incredibles or A Bug’s Life commentary though. I watched Incredibles fairly recently and I’ve got a copy of it. I haven’t got Bugs, though I can try obtaining it. Any which way, I guess.

Rachel - Oh, I know. That’s why I mentioned A Bug’s Life, as it would be the next film after Ratatouille that I’d like to commentate on… and the only one I’d want to commentate on after that. So, yeah, I pick A Bug’s Life. Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

– Mitch

Rachel: I’ll PM you my schedule for the next two months.

Ok, thanks for the clarification, Mitch. =)

“Monsters, Inc.” would be my favourite for the next commentary.
And as for a practice commentary, “Geri’s Game” and “Mike’s new car” are at the top of my list.

Yeah, ditto that totoro- I like the idea of doing the Monsters, Inc. one next, but I am quite biased. :laughing:

Rachel - No problem. I look forward to participating in the Ratatouille commentary and, hopefully, the A Bug’s Life one. :slight_smile:

– Mitch

Thanks for your input, peeps. So that’s 2.5 votes for The Incredibles, 2 votes for Monsters, Inc. and 1 for A Bug’s Life. So The Incredibles commentary will take place in May and Monsters, Inc. in will be in June. We’ll talk about future films to commentate on at a later date.

The schedule so far is:

May - The Incredibles (submissions for new participants closed)
June - Monsters, Inc. (now taking submissions for those who haven’t ever done a practice)
July - WALL-E (if we have at least one person who hasn’t done WALL-E before)

Does anyone have any suggestions for what feature they’d want to commentate on in August and September? I’d like to do Toy Story 2, but I don’t mind if I have to wait until the end of the year.