Pixar got "too much inspiration" from Mr Coo

Hi everyone
I’m the animator of Mister Coo, and i came accross Day and Night when a fellow animator asked me if i worked on that, since it had clearly my style. I watched it and recognized much of my own character. You can check by yourselves:
check some graphic comparison here: glob.cranf.net/?p=891
Then i read all this comments about originality and freshnes,
I’m trying to contact the authors to listen to their points of view.
What do you think?

There are definitely some similarities, but I think this might be another Johnny 5/Wall-E predicament. The people are very similar, however, that is about the only similarity.

I wouldn’t say Pixar copying your work isn’t a possibility… they have been accused of pinching a storybook idea for Monsters Inc. before… and I’ve mentioned Up is a derivative of many films I’ve seen before.

Do you have the graphic explanation page in English? I do hope you get a reply from the Pixarians, cos’ I’m very curious about their response. I haven’t watched the short yet (thanks to my silly local theatre), so I can’t comment on the similarities.

Sorry for bringing up such an old thread, but I just saw this short film.

I don’t think there were any actual similarities, except (and it was very slight) the basic shape of the character. Anyway, characters with that kind of shape have existed for years, so…

Maybe you could also say that the fact they move on a blank space is a similarity, but again, that was been used from the genesis of animation on.

I think this thread was made as a way for us to watch the short film, which was a very nice experience, by the way.

But the claim is absurd.

No similarities in the least. Actually the coo cartoon looks ripped off of the Depatie Freling inspector short films from the old Pink Panther tv shows from the early '70’s.