pixar internship

hi everyone,
i have a question regarding pixar internship generaly speaking and this coming year also.
i am an animation student on my 3rd year out of four, live in israel.

  1. i just saw in pixar website that pixar is looking for interns in animation. does anyone knows what is the application deadline? couldnt see anywhere the deadline.
  2. does anyone knows if an internship in pixar is eligible only for students? if yes, do you know if it is only for junior students on their 3rd year like in a lot of other companies internships? can i apply on my 4th final year? for summer just after i finish? OR if graduated students are eligible also? 1,2,3 years after finishing? OR it doesnt matter while studying or after?

thx :smiley:

Deadline for all internship applications is March 1st!