Pixar Internships Summer 2019

Anyone else waiting to hear back for internships? I applied for production management and am still waiting to hear back. I know some people have gotten rejected already. The waiting is intense!

I’m still waiting to hear back too!! I applied for the Set Dressing Internship. Good luck!

Man, I really wish this forum was more active like the older internship forums!

So I was just informed by a Pixar recruiter that there is no longer a need for production management interns at Pixar this summer, which is a total bummer :frowning: So I assume you will probably be informed of this soon!

Oh man! That really sucks. :cry: Sorry, to everyone who applied for production management. And I just got my rejection a few days ago. Bummer, but I’ll try to apply again this fall if there are any open positions. In the meantime, if anyone wants to connect here’s my portfolio website: justinahnatowicz.com I would love to see anyone else’s work too!