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Honestly Fett, I wasn’t sure. Heh. It’s all good though.

The animation thumbnails gallery of Victor Navone’s blog displays many pose explorations of Incredibles characters like Helen, Dash, Edna, Syndrome, and…drumrollTony Rydinger. ;-p His poses aren’t the most captivating amongst those of the others’. Still…;-p


Added Daniela Strijleva who, according to a post on July 2nd, just started at Pixar. Congrats.

I feel stalkerish, hunting comments at existing Pixar blogs for more

Fett101 - Nice find! I love Ms. Strijleva’s paintings and such.

Did you get this guy yet? I found him via one of Daniela Strijleva’s posts.

Austin Madison

He is currently working as an animator at Pixar Animation Studios and, according to his profile, he’s also an aspiring paleontologist! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only artist who has an interest in the field of dinosaurs and their history. :smiley:

Yeah, see, you’re not the only one who stalks. (snigger)

– Mitch

P.S. By the way, has anyone ever attempted to reply to a post by one of the artists at Pixar? I responded to a couple of Jim Capobianco’s entries once and he replied. It was a bit surreal… (heh)

Austin Translation…haha! :laughing: That guy’s got a really cool blog. Thanks for showing us, Mitch!

lizardgirl - Oh, pfff. Ha! I just got the joke. Gosh, I’m slow. (snigger)

No problem! :wink:

– Mitch


Next time you update the list, you might want to correct the spelling error in the title. Or is that an in-joke? :wink:

Curse you firefox spellcheck! Spellcheck all the fields darnit!

Oooh. Fixed. travelinlibrarian.info/2007/ … -form.html

Lou Romano’s October 1st blog post exhibits several samples of early development, production design, and lighting thumbnails from The Incredibles. Many of these are new, and the samples of lighting thumbnails from Jack-Jack Attack and Mr. Incredible & Friends are a pleasant surprise.

Added Rapael Suter. Thanks to Rblitz7 for posting via the UP costume. You’re not holding back any more blogs are ya?

Did anyone mention Jeff Pidgeon’s?



found another

Guilherme Jacinto - guilhermejacinto.blogspot.com/


Erik Benson’s blog- he’s a story artist at Pixar. I looked him up after seing one of his storyboards in The Art of TS3, and his blog is HILARIOUS.

I’ve noticed that they all have their blogs on blogspot! What I’ve noticed is that writers and reviewers (generally) go to wordpress, and artists (generally) do blogspot.