Pixar People Blogs

Does anyone have some links to any Pixar employee blogs. It’d be nice to follow ‘em see what they have to say. Maybe a lil’ gushing.

Here’s a list of some and what they do/have done at Pixar. By no means a complete list of their work so Wiki or IMDB if you want to see everything they’ve worked on.

Mark Andrews - story artist, writer and director
Carlos Baena - Animator
Jim Capobianco - Story artist
Ronnie del Carmen - Story artist and designer.
Enrico Casarosa - Story artist of Ratatouille
Louis Clichy - Story artist
Bill Cone - Production designer on Bug’s Life and Cars.
Josh Cooley - Story artist
Austin Madison - Animator
Ted Mathot - story artist
Scott Morse - storyboard artist
Victor Navone - Animator
Bill Presing - storyboard artist
Steve Purcell - Writer on Cars.
Lou Romano - Voice of Linguini. Member of Art Department. Art Director of UP.
Dan Scanlon - Story artist
Don Shank - visual development and production artist
Jay Shuster - Character designer on Cars and Wall-E
Daniela Strijleva - Sketch Artist
Rapael Suter - Animator
Derek Thompson - Story artist
Alex Woo - story artist of Ratatouille
Nate Wragg - art department of Ratatouille (the author of the wonderful end credits)

I did, to Lou Romano’s, but it was on the computer that we had to wipe clean of everything and get rid of. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait here it is. :smiley: [url=http://louromano.blogspot.com/]http://louromano.blogspot.com/[/url]

Through it, you could find other Pixar people’s blogs. :smiley: I feel like a stalker by looking though. :frowning:

Hey. These are public blogs online. They would be hidden away or behind a password if they didn’t want people to read them. So long as you’re not reading his blog on a laptop outside his house, I think you’re in the clear.

Ronnie del Carmen - story department (I think he’s a lead of some sort): LINK

Fett101: I still feel like a stalker. :laughing:

I know I had the link to Pete Doctor’s blog at one time … if I find it I’ll post it here. :wink:

Found some more. I think I’ll add whatever ones are found to the first post.

There’s so many, it’s not even funny.
What I did when I started “finding” them is I just followed links, and before I knew it, I had found many, many blogs.

Get ready for Carlos Baena’s blog, the best website of any Pixar emplyee let alone animator. Check out all the goodies and articles – this coming from an Animation Mentor co-founder.

I think Mark Andrews (head of story) and Victor Navonne also have some good blogs. I prefer hanging out at forums like this one at Pixar Planet, AWN, CG Talk, and where the professionals go, CGCHAR. Some very cool places!


Nice idea! I have come across some Pixarians’ flickr, MySpace and other social networking accounts, as well.

What, Fett? You don’t like Carlos’ blog? I promise he does a fair amount of gushing! Just cause it doesn’t say “blog” in the web address doesn’t mean he isn’t blogging. Blog. What a funny word. Where did it come from?


I have in the feed aggregator these talented Pixar guys :smiley::

and then I have Michael Knapp, who is an artist at Blue Sky Studios, but is great.

most of them are not very updated, and most of the time they don’t speak about their Pixar works until they’re released… but they are artist, and I’m buying all their comics :smiley:

By the way, I reccomend that you check each and every Pixarian’s blog. They all bring something different to the table. My favorites include Nate Wragg, Lou Romano, and Victor Navone’s blog.

Some people got jobs First post has been updated.

Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this. I only knew about Lou Romano’s.

Thanks, Fett!

Oh, hallelujah. Thank you very much for providing links to these awesome artists’ blogs/websites, everyone! I’d been meaning to search for them and compile a list, but I never did so…

I’ve come across a few of those blogs before, I believe, and every time I do I love browsing the artist’s artwork. There’s some pretty neat stuff to view on those sites…

By the way, here is a link to Michel Gagne’s official home page, if anyone is interested:


Although he is not a Pixar employee, he did do some work on/for Ratatouille, which you can view here:

Michel Gagne - Ratatouille

– Mitch

Added Derek Thompson’s blog.

I added Scott Morse, Bill Presing, and Don Shank. I also alphabetized the list by last name.

Alphabetization is for suckers

How about a sticky too :wink:

:confused: I alphabetized the list because it will be easier to locate a name that way.

I’m just messing with ya :slight_smile:

Added Louis Clichy’s blog.