Pixar Planet Awards 2012 - Nomination Rules

All right guys, here’s where it starts getting exciting! We’re a bit late, but it’s finally time to start sending in your nominations! :smiley:

Please read the rules very carefully!! Make sure that you’re comfortable with them before finalizing and sending in your ballots. We want the awards to go as absolutely smooth as possible!

The categories for this year are as follows:

[size=135]AWARD CATEGORIES[/size]

Best Member
Best New Member of 2012
Best Pixar Planet Staff Member
Friendliest Member
Funniest Member
Most Informative Member
Best Critiquer
Member You Would Most Like to Meet in Person
Member Most Likely to Get a Job at Pixar
Craziest Pixar Fan

Best Signature
Best Avatar
Best Video
Best Pixar Fan Fiction
Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction
Best Pixar Artwork
Best Non-Pixar Artwork

Best Video Maker
Best Graphic and Icon Artist
Best Fan Fiction Writer
Best Fan Artist
Best Original Artist

Favorite Fandom Medium

Best Game
Best Thread
Best Thread Creator

Best Picture
Best Animated Film

[size=135]RULES FOR NOMINATING[/size]

  • Nominations are open as of now, and will close after 7 days from the date of this post. If you want to be precise, it’ll be 08:41, Friday 15 February 2013, Honolulu time. I’d advise you to go through all the possible nominees and comb through the many artwork before making your decision. There is no point in rushing to send the nominations immediately unless you’re absolutely sure you have considered all possible nominees.

  • Copy and paste the list above to a ‘new message’ in your private messaging system and fill in. Please try to fill in your ballot as completely as possible. If you have looked over your ballot carefully and browsed the forums for your picks, but still can’t fill in nominees for a particular category, it’s fine. Just make sure to fill in your ballot as well as you possibly can!

  • Choose your top 3 preferences for the categories you would like to nominate for (first being your most favorite, second is your second most favorite, and so on.) A list of the nominees for each category will be released at a later date, from which you’ll be able to make your final votes.

  • You must send your nominations to me OR little_chef_eva09 via a private message. Send your votes to only one of us - we will combine our results after the nominations close. Do not post them in this thread. Please keep an eye on your inbox for a few days after you have sent your nominations just in case we need clarification for anything you have written. We will send you a reply saying we have received your PM. If after the closing date, you have not received this reply , please inform the other host or write in the General Discussions thread.

  • If you wish to nominate, you must have signed up to the forums on or before November 6, 2012. There is no minimum sign-up date for nominees/award winners, only voters.

  • All nominees/winners must be a member of this forum and the fanworks that you nominate for must have been posted on Pixar Planet between January 17, 2012 - which was the closing date for last year’s nominations - and February 5, 2013 - which was the closing date for this year’s nominations.

  • You may nominate avatars and signatures that are either Pixar or non-Pixar in nature. However, the rule is that the avatar/signature must’ve been created by a Pixar Planet member.

  • Try to be as specific as possible when nominating. When nominating a signature or avatar try to post the image in the message if you can, otherwise tell us the name of the signature or avatar and describe what it looks like in detail, and also the name of the person who created it. Better yet, link to the page in the person’s graphics thread with the graphic in it. When nominating fan fiction, just the name of the fan fiction and username of the person who wrote it is fine.

  • We are aiming to keep the nominations and awards as private as possible, so please do not talk about you who are nominating/voting for on these forums. DO NOT ask, beg or bribe people to nominate or vote for you/your work. If we find out you are trying to influence others (besides linking to the FYC thread in your sig), then your votes will be dismissed, and you and your work may be kicked out of the running for any awards. We are serious about this - no cheating! Let’s make this a fair contest and the nominees/winners a surprise for everyone.

  • Here is the For Your Consideration Thread, where some members have posted examples of their best work in several categories (for the art-related awards only). However, you are more than welcome to nominate work that a member has not put forward for consideration in that thread.

  • Fan fiction can be a work-in-progress as long as there is at least one chapter that was posted from January 17, 2012 and February 5, 2013.

  • Each of the artwork categories pertain to each of the sub-forums in the ‘Fandom’ and ‘Non-Pixar Art’ sections of the forums, so wherever you find the artwork is posted would be a good indicator of its appropriate awards category.

  • As this is ‘Pixar’ Planet, all of the art nominations must be related to Pixar, except for the two non-Pixar awards (which must be anything other than Pixar) and the signature, avatar and video awards (which can be either Pixar or non-Pixar.) ‘Best Thread’ and ‘Best Game’ can be either Pixar or non-Pixar, too.

  • The ‘Best New Member of 2012’ must have signed up between December 31, 2011 and up to and including December 30, 2012 to be eligible for nomination. Make sure to check underneath people’s usernames at what date they signed up before nominating them for ‘Best New Member’.

  • The Best Fan Artist award can go to an artist who draws Pixar, non-Pixar artwork, or both, as long as it is fanwork of copyrighted characters. Best Original Artist must go to an artist who draws non-fandom, original artwork. Take note that OCs (Original Characters which exist in the world of the movie/TV show/other medium) can be considered original artwork, as long as they are not alternate interpretations of copyrighted characters.

  • The members for you to nominate for the “Best Pixar Planet Staff Member” category are…

AJD08 (moderator)
bawpcwpn (admin, Radio Pixar)
Bill (moderator)
Brad (Radio Pixar)
Dash (site owner, moderator)
ellie-jessie-eve (moderator)
Geoff CB (Radio Pixar)
KyrieEleison (moderator)
little_chef_eva09 (moderator)
lizardgirl (moderator, DeviantArt)
martini833 (Upcoming Pixar writer)
Mitch (moderator)
Phileas (forum admin and designer)
PixarVixen (moderator)
Sky (moderator)
Spirit of Adventure (moderator)
thedriveintheatre (moderator)
The Pixarian (Radio Pixar)
The Star Swordsman (moderator, Radio Pixar)
thewisecookiesheet (moderator)
Violet Parr (moderator)

  • You may NOT nominate yourself or your own work.

  • All of the above rules are subject to change. We will inform you in the General Discussions thread, and if it involves the omission or change of a category, we will take that into consideration when compiling our voting list.

Have fun nominating, guys! If you have any questions, don’t ask them here. Instead, send me or little_chef a private message and we’ll try to answer them the best we can! Or you can post your query in the general discussion thread.

As legendary racing commentator Darrell “Cartrip” says: “Boogity boogity boogity! Let’s go racin’!” :slight_smile:

Good luck,

Hey all! Just wanted to remind you guys to start getting those nominations in! I know from experience that nomination ballots are very time-consuming to fill out, but if we don’t get any nominations, we don’t have any awards!

It’s already been a week since this thread was put up. Hurry up and get those noms in, folks! :smiley:

little chef

In case you haven’t noticed mine and EJE’s sigs, we have extended the deadline for nomination ballots for any latecomers! But this will be final, and you have little more than 24 hours to get those entries in! After the stage is closed, little_chef and I will look at the nominees and set up the Voting Announcement thread. :slight_smile:

The Nomination period has closed days ago, but here is my official announcement.

The Nomination period is now closed.

There, that’s better. :slight_smile: Now little_chef and I are counting the nomination votes, and we will post the Finalist thread very soon. The process for the next stage will be much faster cos’ we simply have to count who has the most votes!

Stay tuned!