Pixar Planet Chatroom automatically kicks users

I don’t know if this has been raised before, but my latest experiences during the Chat-O-Rama and HTTYD chat sessions has revealed that the chatroom randomly kicks members out for no reason. I suspect this may be a bug cos’ it has happened several times. Could Phileas or any of the Site Admins look into restraining this ‘overreactive chatroom bouncer’ please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. IncredigirlVirginia and I got kicked how many times? It got quite annoying when you lost the entire conversation you were having.

If I remember correctly, I got booted 3 times, and you did like 2 or 3.

Yeah I got kicked out a couple times myself. It’s either a bug in the Flash chat room or it is just the PP Server in general (possibly for the same reasons we get the Cannot Connect to Web Server error). The website isn’t able to hold the connection to the computer (it’s called a ping timeout).

Just my theory. Either way, please fix this ops! :slight_smile:

I remember I got kicked off a few times before, but I thought it was cuz I had other tabs open or something, or maybe cuz I’m on a mac. I didn’t know this was happening to other members though

mo: If you have a Mac then it is most certainly the chat room.

A Macintosh never forgets (or crashes!).

EDIT: Oh man, this needs a fix BAD. I was just in the chatroom and I was being kicked about every 2-5 minutes. It makes the chat room unbearable.

Please mods, can we change to an AJAX IRC channel instead of this horrible Flash thing?