Pixar Planet Facebook Page

To all our Planeteers that use Facebook, become a fan of our Pixar Planet Facebook page!
Become a fan to:

  • Recieve Upcoming Pixar posts delievered straight to your Live Feed & News Feed
  • Get Pixar Planet site updates and announcements
  • Become updated on the latest Peach issue
  • Find other Pixar Planeteers on Facebook

Click on this link to head to the Facebook page:

Or simply search on Facebook PixarPlanet.com!

Just added myself to the fan list. Great idea! Now I have one more place to look for the latest Pixar Planet news. :smiley:

Huh. I thought there was one, but maybe I’m thinking of the usergroup. In any case, I guess I’ll become a fan :slight_smile:

I thought we had one already too, but like lennonluvr9, I guess it was the usergroup I joined…:wink:

Nice addition to the network though…a fan I am…:sunglasses:


I just joined!

Join the club! I did too!!!

I like the facebook page a lot, it always keeps me informed. Does Pixar Planet have a twitter?

ellie-jessie-eve, yea, it’s @pixarplanet, but it hasn’t been updated in a while. Also UP has a Twitter, @upcomingpixar

Alright, I have been following Pixar Planet, but not Upcoming Pixar. I am now!

I remember I joined the pixar planet facebook page first, before joining the forum

Is that how you found out at the forums?

I like the page, but it never gets updated!

How did you find out about the page?

I thought I was a member of something on Facebook already! So confuzzled XD Oh well, I join this too. I’m glad someone moved this post up or I wouldn’t have ever found out!

actually not, I used to visit Upcoming Pixar (Pixar Planet) everyday, then I just wanted to know if it had a facebook fan page, and after that I found out the forum and started to read it,later I joined

Did you guys also make this PP page? I saw it a long time ago but never liked it because it looks diffrent ans they speak another language. Two members like it though.


^ That language is French, and page is unrelated to this Pixar Planet.

Then what is it?

I don’t know, I do not speak French. But we don’t have a copright on the name Pixar Planet.

I went to their site. Couldn’t read much. Because it’s unrelated and in french I don’t see a reason to like it. Would be kinda pointless since I can’t read it.

I wish our page would be fixed already. Is it even there anymore?