Pixar Planet mentioned in article...

I was just searching Google, for no reason whatsoever, when I stumbled upon this article about “A Day In The Life Of John Lasseter”: [url]Bay Citizen
About halfway through the article, they mention Pixar Planet, and even mention one of the threads in the Ratatouille section of the forums. They also mention Martin (Martini833).

That’s so awesome!!! :smiley:

That is so cool! :smiley:

Wow, thats great! :smiley:

We’re famous guys! That’s so awesome. Like, that’s US! We’re famous, we’re famous dance

Plus I think you have to agree that the last part of the URL is pretty awesome: “/pixar-superfans-john-lasseter-disney/” :laughing:

Hahaha it is awesome! That’s us, the Pixar superfans XD

Wow, that is so cool. We’re famous baby.

I just wonder which one of us had the beastly Ratatouille quote :question: :smiley:

Wow, we actually get a mention?! Awesome!

Wow, that is so awesome!

It was Pixar Builder. Here’s the link to the thread: [url]I hate this film! - Ratatouille - Pixar Planet Forums

How cool!! Great article, too!

Wow! very cool! great article!

This is awesome, we’re getting noticed! :smiley:

Is it too much to hope that Pixar will start to notice us more and give everyone here free tours of the Emeryville campus and paid airfare to get there? 8D

I am so proud of this site!

Nah, I think that’s perfectly reasonable! :smiley:

That’d be a dream come true.

Join the club EJE.

That’d be so cool…the only problem would be how overcrowded it would get, but nevertheless it’d be so cool…

It’s awesome that we got noticed and mentioned!