Pixar Planet Movie Night

Turbo-tastic! In our latest PPMN, we’ll be watching Wreck-it Ralph, starting on Sun 3rd March 4AM GMT / Sat 2nd March 8PM US PST.

Find out about this current PPMN here:

What is a PPMN? Pixar Planet Movie Night is where Planeteers, new and old, band together to watch a Disney•Pixar movie in a friendly, easy-going environment. Since 2009, we’ve hosted countless PPMNs, and with every single night, you always have a blast!

In order to participate in a PPMN, you’ll need the following:

  • a broadband internet connection,
  • a Skype account,
  • a microphone,
  • a web browser,
  • preferably & if available, a copy of the movie, just in case we manually sync the film together (old-school style!),
  • a good attitude! :wink:
  • OPTIONAL: A movie you wish to watch, in case we wish to watch a 2nd movie or if the chosen film is not available (Pixar and Disney movies are preferred, to increase the likelihood that members here will have your suggested movie, and can join in)

Please see the individual PPMN posts to see the individual night’s chosen movie and details on how to join.

Hope to see you soon at the next PPMN!

Original Post

(Hope you dig the banner!)

I came up with the idea of gathering any willing Pixar Planet members on Skype, and watching movies together in a conference call, while commenting and conversing with eachother. The first outing was a great success, featuring the great Pixar film, Finding Nemo. I intend to host this event weekly, and invite anyone who wishes to share their love of great movies to join in. The instructions are simple.

[b]So in review, you will need:[/b]

-A microphone (voice chat is not necessary, but much more practical)
-Skype on your computer
-A copy of the movie we plan to watch (this may be provided, but don't rely on it)
-A good attitude :wink:
-OPTIONAL: A movie you wish to watch (Pixar and Disney movies are preferred, to increase the likelihood that members here will have your suggested movie, and can join in)

[b]And to simplify scheduling, please:[/b]

-Send me a PM or message me on Skype (Skype ID: lvl27_cubone). [i](Staff note - typically these days, a member of the Pixar Planet staff hosts the Skype call! See the Facebook event listing for details.)[/i]
-NOTE: Posting on this topic works as well, and can let others know what times they can shoot for, but can get the topic cluttered. Be mindful of posts.
-Provide times available
-Submit all information as early as possible in the week to make planning easier for me

If your information is not submitted soon enough, or your schedule conflicts with too many participants, you will likely be excluded.  I schedule these events for the most participants possible, so I apologize if you miss out.

Thanks, and I hope to see/hear you at the movie!

I moved this to ‘Fandom’.

Well, this is very similar to the fan commentaries we have going here, but if you mean to have it as a more relaxed, un-recorded session, then I could probably attend a few. My only worry would be that I’d be all “commented out” from talking about the movies in the commentary. Otherwise, this is a neat idea still, don’t get me wrong. :slight_smile: If it was only two other people and I happen to be free at the same time as someone when you are on Skype, that would be a way of getting around the organising of the time zones and schedules. I think I’ll leave it up to you to organise this, or we may just end up adding each other to our Skype lists and it becomes a private fanwork, so Pixar Planet isn’t responsible. I guess if you aren’t recording it, that becomes a moot point, anyway.

If I had to pick a movie I’d want to watch with a few other people, it’d be Finding Nemo.

By the way, if you and Simon-Simon like watching Pixar films over Skype, feel free to sign up to the commentaries, too. We always welcome fresh meat. 8D /shameless plug

Yeah, I was wanting to do one for Monsters, and you can bet your sweet Australian behind that I’m gonna be first in line to do commentary for Up! :slight_smile: Ratatouille would be great as well, those are my top 3.

It’d be great to see you show up for a few rachel! It wouldn’t necessarily have to be all audio, Simon-Simon actually didn’t have a mic, so he just did text comments to me. I do have to mention though, I don’t think Skype can take audio straight from the computer with screen sharing, so I had to keep my mic on the speaker. Didn’t stop me from talking or anything, and Simon said the quality was fine, (he was using headphones I believe) but stuff like phone calls or my mom yelling at me and stuff could mess up a few viewings. I could kinda ask her if I could designate a specified time for this, interruption free, and she’d probably be OK with it, but it’s a small issue nonetheless. I’ll try to find a good setup with my mic if this ever takes off well.

I could also have my laptop host this, and I watch and comment on another computer as well, leaving my laptop in another room to just play the movie. That’d make the setup a bit easier actually, and it could help avoid any audio problems as well. Just give me some input if you guys are interested!

lol. Well, the Up commentary will probably be done in January (after it’s released in Japan in theatres, we’ll just transfer copies of the film to those in countries where it isn’t on DVD). And we just did Ratatouille not too long ago… but feel free to join in commentaries coming up this year too. I recently added info about the commentaries coming up and their status.

A text chat while the movie is running is a good idea. My only worry is that it could turn a bit random, and it takes so long to type and express myself through chat, when it could be done quicker and with more clarity with voice. But if it works for you, that’s fine by me. Voice chat is just my preference.

If it’s going to be a weekly movie night, which is how the original commentaries were going to be recorded, at the same time once a week, that would probably be ok for me since I’m generally free when it’s nighttime in the US. The weekends moreso. As an impromptu thing you can always ask around and see who could do it that night, I guess. Then it would take the hassle out of organising schedules (one of the pains of doing commentaries, I tell you).

If you (or anyone) want to add me to Skype my username is ‘rachelcakes1985’ (same as on here), but just send me a private message on Pixar Planet letting me know that you added me and your Skype username so I know it’s you.

One thing you’ll have to remember is that those watching the PAL versions of movies, their copy will run 4% faster than the NTSC (American/Canadian) versions which means you’ll end up being out of sync with each other unless you are both watching the same format.

Anywho, sorry for taking over your thread. :blush:

Not at all, any sort of advice for planning this is greatly appreciated! I was actually more or less intending on doing a mix of both text and vocal chat on Skype, since it’s so easy either way. I did voice and Simon did text, no problems either way, just whatever works for you.

Also, they way I was planning to do this eliminates any sort of syncing issues, I’m just gonna play the movie on my laptop, and use the screen sharing feature on Skype. You guys will just have to join the conversation to watch. That’s what I meant regarding the audio.

Also, I could kinda do both impromptu and scheduled if need be, I’ll have a scheduled time every week(end? That would probably work better for most) to do it, and I could just mention various times throughout the week I might wanna do it, just out of impulse/boredom. I could also take requests to hold viewings if enough people wanna do it (2 or 3 is fine) and if I have the time for it. I’ll pretty much take care of everything, unless someone wants to help with scheduling or whatever.

Oh, and another thing, once Up hits DVD, I’d be happy to host viewings for people who wanna see it. I’m sure there’s gonna be a fair amount of people that will wanna do that. The more times I get to watch it the better, and I’d love to spread the Up around! The more, the merrier!

Thanks again for the commentary info rachel!

This sounds like a fun idea, ffdude1906! The commentary I did was fun to do, but I think it’d be nice to watch a movie with other Pixar fans without having to record any comments. Things would be more relaxed.

Count me in for this! :smiley:

This is definitely something I’m interested in! The idea of a really relaxed session, just hanging out and watching Pixar movies with friends from all over the world definitely appeals to me. Nice idea, ffdude1906! :smiley:

I’d totally be up for that. It would be nice and relaxed, just watching a movie and making comments with other fans. Just tell me when there’s a schedule up and running. :slight_smile:

Nice, relaxed, watching with fans, watching with those from around the world, Pixar… yeah, it makes my list.

Put me down! I’d love to do this!


Hehe awesome. Nice to see everyone’s up for this. PM me with your Skype ID’s, my Skype ID is lvl27_cubone. As for scheduling, I figure we could do this every Friday or Saturday, Sunday if need be. Suggestions for movies? Anything is game except TS1 and 2, and Up obviously.

Also, let me know what time you can do this, My time zone is GMT - 6 (Central Time), so use that as a reference. I’m pretty much available every day before 5 p.m., some days before 8 p.m., and days off, all day. We’ll probably need to start movies at 2 when I have work at 5, and 5 when I work at 8, for the latest times. I’m also usually home at 2 a.m. from work at the latest, for when I close, and can do it then as well since I’m usually up til about 6 a.m.

I have today and tomorrow off, so if you guys wanna plan one quickly for tomorrow, that’s fine, just lemme know what times work for you. :slight_smile:

This sounds awesome! I’d love to participate in this :slight_smile: I don’t have a job or any major responsibilities (yay summer!) so anytime that’s good for you is good for me.

I don’t have Monsters Inc. or Bug’s Life on DVD, so I’d have to sit out if either one of them was chosen. Sorry D=!

worry not clefairy, I’ll be hosting the movies over my computer screen with skype, so you can see whatever we see!

I’m U.S. Pacific time, but just set an exact time from your time zone, I’ll convert it, and tell yah if I’m available. My schedule is quite random, but I’ll try my best to make it.

Will try to send you Skype info tomorrow, my computer is telling me “Cannot access sever, restart skype in two minutes” or something like that. I’ll have it fixed by then.

Hmm, I’m thinking that we can do the first one this Saturday. I’m kinda realizing that if I work on the weekends (which I usually do, I’m off on Monday-Tuesday most weeks), I’m not gonna be able to do it a good time for rachel,… Maybe you can join the impromptu showings? I could probably do one on my days off next week, and the weeks following.

Anyway, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I’d probably wanna do it at either noon, or 1 p.m. Just lemme know what day is best for you guys. If I don’t get a definite answer, I’ll go for Saturday, at noon. Also, I need suggestions for a movie. I’d go for TS if it was available, but alas, it cannot be. Just lemme know what day works, and what movie you guys wanna see!

Ok, so I never actually got to talk to anyone about scheduling this, but I know that rachel is interested, and my long-winded conversation with the Wall-E commentary group was really exceptional, so I’d really like to get a group together for this. I’m available, today actually, all day, and I’m also off on Wednesday as well, so if anyone wants to get this thing started with me, I’d really like to know. Doing it today would be nice, but it’d probably be late, and I’d have to get a few people on fairly short notice. I’d still be willing though, let me know!

Also, I’d love to do one on Wednesday, since I’m available all day then. Let me know what times you guys are available so I can get something together. Due to the recent choice of commentaries, I’d lean towards Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Monsters, Inc. and A Bug’s Life, but anything is fair game, it’s up to you guys.

I’m a lot more adamant about getting this started since I got to listen in on the Wall-E commentary, and it ended up being a really great time. I’d really love to do it again, and I’d love to share it with you guys, it’s a lot of fun talking with my fellow Pixar fans about their great films. :slight_smile:

In short

I want at least 3 people for this, 5-6 would be fantastic
I need times that you guys are available for it, and what movie preferences
If I don’t have it already, I need your Skype ID’s, mine is lvl27_cubone

Please let me know as soon as you can, it’s a lot more fun than I expected, and I’d really love to get this thing started and going at a regular basis. I’m on Skype throughout the day, so just find me on there, I’d be happy to chat about it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Me and rachel tested it out, and the screen sharing over Skype works pretty well, but it’d probably be a better idea to sync your DVD while watching, and just watch at home. The skype method will probably just be used for a backup. Just let me know if you need me to host the screening over Skype for you, it’s not a problem.

I’d love to have as many people as possible for the movie night, too, time zones and schedules permitting. I sent my schedule to you, ffdude1906. :wink:

me and peter were discussing this. Just times.

I’d like to join in.

Great! The more, the merrier! I’m thinking this wednesday would be the best time at the moment, I’m free all day, so your schedule for wednesday is what I need the most.

Also, since it was just her birthday, I’ve decided to let rachel pick the movie, and her choice was,…


Finding Nemo!

You can just PM me with your available times, don’t wanna clutter up the thread (as if it isnt cluttered enough already,…)

EDIT: Oh, nifty, I just hit 500 posts! In just above my first month too, neato! Love it here :smiley:

Yay, Finding Nemo will be fun to chat about! Nice choice, Rachel! And I’ll send you my schedule now, ffdude1906. :smiley:

Notice I say I’d like to be in. I don’t know my schedule. Tell me when it is, and I’ll try and make it.