Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2

Never thought they did release a new Pixar Shorts collection but they have. Here is the cover art, very similar to the last but in a green colour scheme.


It’s to be released in both the US and UK in November. Thoughts?

Does anyone have this yet? I’m waiting for either a price drop or Christmas.

I’m excited for this! I probably will wait til after it’s been out for a while before getting it though.

I’m curious to hear what people think about this as it seems a bit light on new content. If it ever goes on sale I’ll definitely check it out.

Got it. I like it. But I’m biased…

I don’t own either collections. The shots play on TV all the time, and I have some of them on my Pixar DVDs. So I’m not out on a rush to get it. But a perfect addition for a die hard Pixar collector, I’m sure.