Pixar Shorts Vol. Two: At the Movies

This is just an IDEA thread. Gotcha, didn’t I? :laughing:

I think there are two many movie based shorts at this point scattered throughout TV and internet NOT to get a proper DVD release. And the recent non-movie shorts can probably be included too.

I can see the listing now.

Shorts Included:
all the Cars Toons
all 3 Upisodes
George and AJ
all the WALL-E Vignettes A.K.A Treasures and Trinkets
Dug’s Special Mission
Your Friend the Rat
Groovin’ With Ken
Ken’s Dating Tips
the Buy-N-Large shorts
TS3 security footage
TS3 instant messaging
TS3 holidays greeting
Partly Cloudy
Day and Night
all the Toy Story Treats

And all that stuff.

Who else would like to see this happen?

S’good idea, for fans who want to watch all the shorts without having to buy the original DVDs they were released in respectively. Although, if you were a true Pixar fan, you’d have them all anyway (and Ti-Vo’ed the rest like Cars Toons). :laughing:

Anyone know when they’ll get rid? thank you very much. :slight_smile:

You mean ‘be released’, Edu_22? Nah, it’s just idle speculation. Wishful thinking. Self-fulfilling prophecies. :slight_smile:

I always thought that they had not released the series Cars Toons, liberate Liberate Cars Cars Toons When?
If thedriveintheatre what I meant.

If there’s enough Toy Story Toons, I’m sure it’ll get its own DVD such as Cars Toons did.

I think it’d look something like this; no reason to release the Cars Toons, they have their own sets. I think after Brave or Monsters University there will be enough to release these.

Your Friend the Rat
Partly Cloudy
George and AJ
Dug’s Special Mission
Day and Night
Hawaiian Vacation

-Toy Story Treats
-Groovin’ with Ken
-Ken’s Dating Tips
-Buy-N-Large Ads
-Wall-E Treasures and Trinkets

You forgot La Luna, Small Fry (the Toy Story Toon), and whatever will be played in front of Monsters U and the dinosaur movie.

Anyway, I created this cover just for fun:

Nice job! :slight_smile:

I think it would be cool if they release something like this.

It’s about time they released the next collection! I do have to wonder about why they’d add all the 2008-2010 Cars Toons, though, when they have their own release. I’m not adverse to the addition of the new Cars Toons though (like Air Mater and the upcoming-as-of-June-16th Time Travel Mater). Not that I wouldn’t like for Pixar to make a new collection of Cars Toons eventually… :-D) And um… excuse me for asking, but, which one is George and AJ? Not sure if I’ve seen that one. Oh, and I think it’s awesome they’re adding the promotional gags as bonus features! Of course, what I’m really hoping for as bonus features are audio commentaries! That’s one of the things that I’m most excited about seeing on the first volume!

Duuude, Pricklepants are you aware of how much that cover resembles the actual one?

That is really creepy. Good job, I guess?

Haha thanks. I notice immediately how similar they look after they announced the Blu ray release, and took immense pride in, errrr, taking a right stab in the dark.

Funny story: people at blu-ray.com actually got confused and at some point, posted my mash-up cover on the Pixar Shorts vol. 2 page. It’s random things like that that bring smiles.

I’m glad they finally came out with another one. I’ve been wondering when/if a 2nd one was gonna come out. Its on my Christmas list :wink: