Pixar Story

After reading the Pixar as one universe theory online, I was interested. While the theory is, ahem, meticulous, I thought it could be fun to link the worlds a little. I would have the Toy Story characters on an adventure crossing into the background of the other movies, and actually affecting those stories without those characters knowing. I had two ideas. In the first, Buzz has been in the trash piles of abandoned earth of Wall-e. He is woken up by Eva’s laser blasts, but thinks he is the real Buzz again. Some of those shots Eva fired at, could have been at Buzz. He follows Wall-e home, and Wall-e watches an episode of Woody’s Roundup, which snaps him out of it. He walks outside and has a Charlton Heston, end of Planet of the Apes moment (it would be awesome if he said the line. Verbatim,“you maniacs!!!..” And pounds his fist in the ground.) just then, the plant is found and he stows away on the axiom looking for his friends. The second one is more obvious. It’s Jessie in Monsters Inc. because she’s already there. I just think her athletically escaping the trash compactor would be a great scene. She’s already there and she could be chasing an escaped Lotso, deformed from his time on the truck. Or defending Boo from a returned Randall. I’m not a writer, just thought it would be cool.

Wait a minute…a cross-over like that is certainly NOT going to happen. And by the way, I still say that there Pixar theory is entirely wrong. Just remember that not all Pixar films take place in the same universe as the Toy Story movies. Especially the case with the Cars movies which take place in their own alternate universe. Also if Woody and Buzz were still around in WALL-E’s time, they would’ve long lost their lives. And for the record, WALL-E wouldn’t ever be watching Woody’s Roundup at any one point of his life because he’d never find it. (Need I remind you he watches Hello, Dolly! in some parts of his movie?)

The point is, you can fall asleep at night and sometimes have weird dreams involving cross-overs whenever your own subconscious mind is ready to have it triggered…but the animators will never make a cross-over like that, and especially no matter how many fans request it.