Pixar Studio's Online Store

Should PIXAR make the Studio Store available to the public?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I wouldn’t buy anything

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So this was recently posted on the PIXAR Blog: [url]http://pixarblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/pixar-studio-store-you-dont-know-about.html[/url]

Apparently the PIXAR Animation Studios has an online store set up on Shopify where employees can actually purchase all of the really cool exclusive PIXAR stuff only available at their studios store. Unfortunately, it’s password protected so yeah, not available to the public sadly.

So yeah, anyone good at cracking passwords? :smiley:

The only reason I can think it is not publicly accessible, is that they may not have production rates to meet the global demands that would arise. Everyone and their dog would be wanting this limited edition pixar-employee-only merchandise, and their manufacturers may not simply have the ability to meet that demand, or the cost of producing those items on a much grander scale is not concurrent with the money return.

(TL:DR; they may run at a loss if they did so, or might not be able to meet demands.)

What? No love for cats? :smiley:

dogs, cats, parrots, and maybe even horses… if they have salt licks or sumthin :smiley: heehee

Sadly it was closed when I was at Pixar. :frowning:

The only time I was able to get stuff from the Pixar store was when i had someone close to me buy it for me. it has some very cool and exclusive stuff.

I’d love to visit the Pixar Studio Store. However, I think it should stay private. I mean, it’s for employees of the Studio, and has that special charm to it. I’d like if they’d offer more adult sized Pixar appearl at Disney Stores though

I just want one of John Lasseter’s exclusive Hawaiian T-Shirts. That and that frickin’ awesome Luxo Jr desk toy.

That would be sweet. I really want a Pixar Animation Studios shirt.

You mean like this:


I got one at PIXAR Place store at DL :smiley:

Do you mean WDW? There is now Pixar Place or Pixar store at the Disneyland Resort in California. But California Adventure is unoffiically becoming Pixar land, so they should add a store there!

Right right, WDW. I always confuse the two.


^ 8D

Darn it, I just kinda blew up in excitement cause I thought they made an online store! Darnnn. ah well, maybe I’ll get a shirt when I visit WDW in August!!!

a public online store would be a great idea. I’ve had my eye on a pixar t-shirt! :slight_smile:

Yes, they’d make lots of money! As if they didn’t need anymore!

I would like a public store. I mean, it would help connect with the fans. Besides. Most of the Disney stores these days rarely have any Pixar stuff unless there’s a new Pixar movie coming out.

I’ve gotten a buch of Pixar related merchandise in the past few months(all the art books and soundtracks ever released on CD , games, most of the LEGO sets, a couple of pins, some DMR exclusive 3D glasses, two TS3 shirts, a bunch of plushies, and a few of the TSCs, but nothing from Pixar. I tried asking if I could buy the TS3 soundtrack Pixar exclusive CD, but they couldn’t let me.I’d love a Pixar logo shirt though.(Pixar related stuff is all I collect now days besides my good friend’s books).

I’ve been to a handful of Disney stores, and half of the merchandise is Pixar stuff anyways (mainly Cars and Toy Story). But I wish they would sell more merchandise relateing directly to the animation studio, as oppossed to character from the two high ranking francises.

I know, I can never find good Pixar apparel. I’m going to WDW in March, so I’ll have to check out the Disney Store!