Pixar Summer Internship 2015

It’s that time of the year again!
This is my first time applying for the technical undergraduate program and I am beyond excited! I’ve been waiting till I went through at least a year of college.
Any tips? Just as background, I’m a Computer Engineering major.

hi y’all!

I read all of the 2013 and 2014 internship posts here in the site and I felt this kind of nervous excitement permeate all the posts. Applying and having to endure all the waiting is hard enough, but people sharing all those things in the forum probably makes it a little more easygoing.

I applied for an internship in 2008, and now in 2015 I find myself with the chance to apply again. I’ll be applying for the story internship and right now I’m trying to add some new stuff to my portfolio before I send it out.

So anyway, howdy, hope to hear from a lot of you guys in the coming weeks


Oh hey it’s always great to see this thread up and running again! I’m not applying this year but good luck to everyone who is going to!

Does anyone know when the Marketing internship went up last year? I’m starting to think it wont be offered this year :confused:

They aren’t offering any art internships either…

Maybe for next fall?

So, where’s everybody? Deadline is in less that three weeks!!

Is that normally what they do? If they don’t offer an internship in summer, than they offer it in fall?

I have no idea if they will offer them in the fall the ones they’re not offering now.

The art internship usually is up along with the story and animation, but for some reason they are skipping it this time…

Anyway, less than two weeks til deadline!

Story went up much earlier this year! Final deadline is this Sunday, March 1. I’ve applied in years past. Feeling good about 2015.

Best of lucks!

I’m also prepping my stuff for the story internship! :slight_smile:

Hey guys. I’m applying to the Marketing internship and I’m a little underqualified being a Freshman in college but I have high hopes. Anybody know if the deadline is the same as Editorial’s or Story? or when I should hear back a yes or no?

You can find all information for current internships on the Pixar site–[url]http://www.pixar.com/careers/Available-Internships#[/url]

Marketing is taking submissions for the publicity internship but they haven’t posted a deadline to apply. I’d say get your application in soon because March is when they usually start looking for their summer interns. Interviews happen in April, finalists notified in May, then they start in June.

Hope this helps!

Hey Guys, been following the thread here for a couple of years.
Finally submitted my own portfolio.
Keeping my fingers crossed for the story internship!

good luck everyone!

Thank you @thirdchildart!
I did apply like two weeks away and waiting kept me too anxious! I was hoping that they would take it down along with the story and animation internships but I checked again just now and it was still up though the other two weren’t. Thank you for all the interview process months and such though. Really helps! Wishing luck to everyone who applied. The heart beats fast while waiting, doesn’t it? :wink: :wink:

Yeah, waiting can be really rough! But I’m glad we have this thread to talk it over in. :slight_smile:

Disney’s done the same thing with their summer tech internships–they’ve been up on the site for ages but there’s no due date.

I read on last years forum that people could check the status of their submission to give them some clue if their material had already been looked at…

Anybody got any idea where I can check that for the story internship?

Go to the Pixar Careers site, where we applied for the internship. Log in as a returning applicant and it will have the info for all of your applications. Right now mine just has the date I sent in the application.

Hey yeah, I read through the threads and found this link

chj.tbe.taleo.net/chj06/ats/care … IXAR&cws=6

seems like it works, just put in your username and password
and you should see your info

I can see that mine was updated yesterday, probably some sort of auto thingy that happens after they close the applications.

By the way, from what I read the top portfolios get calls within two weeks. and they basically close most of the positions by april. I think there are some people who get accepted mid-april, but these may be people who get bumped up.
In short, first priority portfolios will probably get the call soon.

Either way, kudos to everyone who submitted! That in itself is an accomplishment. Really.

Good luck to us all and may we all be accepted.

now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to refreshing my status every 5 seconds.

Storyguy, I think they might be looking at yours. My application status hasn’t changed and the posting closed yesterday.

I know this is late to the people applying for the story internshio, although I assume some of you have seen this


Any idea how many people apply?

Really? But it was updated Sunday night. Didn’t think anyone would be working then. Strange.
Either way I will keep you all updated.

Oh, I wanted to ask:
Is there anyway to subscribe and get notifications for new messages on this thread?

I am currently just logging in and looking for new posts every couple of hours.