Pixar Summer Internship 2017

Here we go! Here we go again!! It’s that time once again! The internships are open a little early this year and as per usual, there needs to be a post sharing all of our struggles, successes, advice and all!

So in the scheme of things being early, the deadline is also early: Feburary 5th, 2017. So Let’s begin! Here are all available internships and a link to applying.


Animation Internship
Graphic Art Internship
Art Internship
Editorial Internship
Archives Internship
Safety & Security Internship
Human Resources Internship
Production Internship
RenderMan Software Developer Internship
Core Software Internship
Shading/Rendering Software Internship
FX Development Software Internship
Foundation Software Internship
Research Internship
Story Internship
Systems Software Development Internship
Media Systems Internship
Systems Production Support Internship
Systems Mac Team Internship
Systems Hardware Support Internship
Technical Director Internship, Simulation/Tailoring
Technical Director Internship, Rendering
Technical Director Internship, Rigging
Technical Director Internship, Character Shading
Technical Director Internship, Cloth
Technical Director Internship, Set Dressing
Technical Director Internship, Global Technology
Technical Director Internship, Set Shading
Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP)

I feel it! This is going to be a good year for the internship! This year, there’s something a little different, I also started a Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/1033901960068610/ . We can share demo reels, and portfolios, advice, and successes there too!

Ready, Set, GO!

Sent in my application for the Art Internship and Story Internship. Here’s hoping.

Oh! Early bird! Good luck, friend! Have you applied before?

I have, yes, for the past two years. For Story, Art, and Animation during different years. Applying once more since I’m now graduated and am located in California. c:

Oh! Nice! Well your stuff looks amazing!

Hello all, new forum member here! I joined specifically to find out everything I can about internships at Pixar. I am a PhD student in Texas studying history and archives, and I am seriously considering applying for an Archives Internship, as I need one to complete my certificate. My chances are probably quite slim, as although I have straight A’s and a couple of awards under my belt, my background is not in art/art history. I do study culture and popular culture, and my dissertation will be related to the work of Jim Henson, I hope.

That is enough rambling I guess, I have many questions that I want to ask (that are probably FAQ), but once I have made my five posts I think it might be more economical to start my own thread so as not to clog up this one and so that the answers will be easy for me to access.

Hi all!
It is so great that you all have this space for support! These internship opportunities are so exciting. Where else are you all applying besides Pixar?
I’m a 2nd year at a small, project- based liberal arts college in MA. So nervous and excited to put together a portfolio, and see what you guys have to post! :3

I’m applying for the Technical Director Internship, Set Shading. I just need some more time to beef up my reel. :smiley:

Hi everybody!

It was Ben Rush (currently an animator over there) who referred me to apply.

I also applied for this internship for the summer for the story artist position. Well let’s hope! Psh, I have actually been at this for a long time, I also applied to Disney as well. I’m not a student right now but I did graduate! So I’m just trying really really… hard. Anyone else feel that “fire” inside?

My current portfolio is here: kendallfalk.portfoliobox.net/

and I also run a business cartooning people’s pets here: cartoonmydog.com/

This is my life! Drawing is my life…

Meanwhile, I’ve been gathering more skills as a story artist, studying composition, studying more figures and not for the sole purpose of coming here but just because I love it anyway. Having this internship would make a massive difference in my life. I know that I will be diligent and work hard, of course, that’s expected. Most importantly I know that after I finish the internship, I will go on to work here. I am really serious about this career. I am only following this fire inside me that will not go away. Believe me, I have spoken to so many people, I have cold called, I’ve tried almost everything to get my foot inside the door. To be here… Where I feel I should be.

Anyway cheers! I’m in North Hollywood, CA so if I get this I’ll have to re-locate but that won’t be a big deal.

Anybody got any updates at all? I doubt that anything would happen until mid-Feb which is the deadline for most positions but just asking out of boredom :confused:

Just sent in a Disney application yesterday, it seems to have had the earliest deadline. Things are still very early in the game haha. Nerve-wracking, right?

lol wait until someone gets the first email/call.

Hi. I’ll be applying for the research internship position. I’ve got a couple questions.

Has anybody here successfully applied to an internship from outside the united states? I’ve got my application ready, but they ask for work permit status. I’m unsure how you proceed in these situations. I’ve been researching and I guess the most appropriate visa is the J-1 Intern or Summer Work visa. But these require a sponsor. Does pixar help you with this should you be accepted?

To tell the truth I’m afraid telling them I don’t have my papers in order yet will rather hurt my chances, to the extent that they may even chuck applications from international students without visas right in the bin. Has anyone had experience with this that can tell me how you’re supposed to proceed in these situations? I’m unsure what to do :s

The appplications have closed up! And so the wait begins!!

Okay so, I don’t mean to panic anyone, but a friend of mine has already received an email saying his application has been rejected…did anyone else know they were gonna start reviewing portfolios already???

Hey guys this is my first time applying and I will say that I am completely freaking out, I cant believe that I actually put an application in XO but Im excited, heres my current portfolio, I wish everyone the best of luck!!!


I did not know they replied to applicants so quickly! Was it for summer? I would have thought that they would start reviewing portfolios and applications that Monday after the apps were due. Last year I got a rejection email in March or April.
Does his Workday (the site where you applied) status say anything besides “application received” ?

I cannot believe you were rejected 3 times! Man there is NO hope for me, now. This is my second year applying.

Wow that’s insanely early. Perhaps he made an error with his application? Maybe wasn’t eligible?

That does seem unreasonably early for them to reply, that would make sense, though. Maybe his application had something wrong with it or there was an error like you said. I wish we knew!