Pixar Summer Internships 2018

Hi folks! I didn’t see a topic yet for Summer 2018 internships, so I decided to make one! There, as always, needs to be a post for sharing our advice, struggles, successes, etc. :slight_smile:

Deadlines vary this year so I’ll be posting both as well as the available internships:


Due February 11th: Editorial, Marketing, Production Management, PUPs, Technical Direction, Software Research & Development, RenderMan, Systems

Due March 4th: Art, Story, Animation

Let’s all do our best and hope for positive news this year!

Also, I saw that a FaceBook group was made last year. I haven’t made one, but I (or anyone else) definitely can if it’s helpful!

Thanks everyone and good luck to all!

I went ahead and made the FB group: facebook.com/groups/1995433464027902/
Feel free to join!

Here are also some helpful reads/links I wanted to pass along:

davidhfilms.tumblr.com/post/1081 … ta-1-15-15
teatimeanimation.blogspot.com/20 … ntern.html
creativebloq.com/how-get-int … ar-5113101
storyadvice.tumblr.com/post/7095 … ted-mathot

Unfortunately I’m not applying for any artist-type positions, so I’ve lost most of my references for portfolios. Hope this helps tho!

Hello! So I was looking at the ARt Internship process, and it says "With this application, please provide a link to your online portfolio in the “Demo Reel/Portfolio” section of the application; you will not be considered for the internship without an online portfolio”. How would I want to provide an online portfolio? Is there a way I would have my portfolio on some link online or would I be sending them a file? This is my first time so input is appreciated. :smiley:

Hey everyone! Just applied to PUP yesterday, and might apply for the art internship. In the meantime, what other places are yall applying to? Finding smaller studios is so difficult