Pixar Treasures Cover

There is a book from pixar called “The Pixar Treasures” and it has a nice cover, but too many pixar characters missing, so i think this is how it should look like!

Cool. One from each movie right? Because I believe they’ve released 10 movies

That looks awesome! The color and character choices are great and I think they more accurately portray the films as well. I’m in awe of your Photoshopping skills!!! :open_mouth:

little chef

Does anyone here have the book already? It’s supposed to be out already, but amazon has a 2 to 5 week delivery estimate!

Did I miss something? Is it sold out already? Anyhow, I just put in an order at amazon.de to be sure I’ll get it once they get it.

Haven’t received my copy yet. I ordered it from Amazon on November 10th. Amazon says it should ship by December 2nd. :frowning:

Just got at email from Amazon saying the new estimated ship date is January 11 2010 - February 01 2010.

I have got the book yesterday with Christmas!
its a fantastic book with many collectors items, posters, pictures, drawings and letters.

No… No words to describe it… They should’ve sent a poet.

P.S. Don’t look at the background the cards are not from the book…

Well… estimated ship date has come and gone and now the Amazon page won’t let you pre-order, only get notified when the book is available.

You know this actually probably isn’t the right thread since this isn’t the merchandise section but heck.

Just got an email from Amazon saying the estimated ship date is now OCTOBER 2010!

It comes out tomorrow. I just ordered it, and should have it sometime this week. I’ll definitely be posting a review.

Oh my goodness. I need to get a job so I can buy this. Now!