Pixarfan91's History of Sig's and Avatars

and now, live from channel 113, in their own Pixar Planet Kitchen, Cooking with Randy and Mandy.

This one is great! It’s funny. Good Job.

My first Halloween sig. I thought Frollo would be great to do. He’s like “Boo!” by the way, do not TP, egg or play Ding Dong Ditch to him.

I love all your South Park sigs, but you knew that already!

Thanks, I know you do, that or you were lieing. 8D

Here’s my Joyful drawing from last year. He’s back for revenege, this time, to wish us all a Happy Halloween. Hw dosen’t have any candy though.

Here’s my next sig to celerbrate the Cardinals winning the World series.

Great one.

This is a Toy Story/ Beavis/Butthead sig. " Hey Beavis, Huh huh, you look like some space dork, huh uh." " Well Butthead, Heh Heh, you look like somecow or something, it looks stupid, heh he."

A great job! Also quite funny. 8D

That’s what Buzz and Woody looke like without their makeup.

8D :laughing: :laugh: ^ that’s a great one.

This is a spoof of the paragrath you get before very South Park episode. You can tell where I edited it. I may so another in the future. I liked this one. This is a warning to all Dreamworks fans, even though I also like their movies.

This has got to be my absolute favorite of your sigs. :laughing:

Definitely one of your best sigs. 8D

Here’s my new sig. Randy Marsh. Hey Sharon… Hey, hey Sharon. Also my PP/SP become’s my new main sig due’s to it’s popularity.

Good job!

My first Christmas sig. It’s off Elf. Buddy is no angry elf. I don’t think that Santa sit’s on the throne of lies.

My South Park Christmas sig. Even Cartman seem’s like a nice guy here.

Here the Christmas sig I drew.

Here’s my New Year’s sig. It has a couple of Pixar Character’s