Pixarfan91's History of Sig's and Avatars

Because other members are doing this I am to. This is Where I’m going to put my old sigs at.


Here’s mu first sig ever. We all Amigos arn’t we?

Here’s my pre Join Pixar Planet Sig.

The newer pre one.

My most famous sig

My South Park/Harry Potter sig.


My famous Dash preview avatar.

I will post more old sig’s later on and more to come in the future.

My Kenny Sig

My Ike Sig

My Butters Sig

My Stan Sig

My Kyle Sig

My Cartman Sig

My Wendy sig.

My Cars 2 Cartman sig. I thougt the mods would hate thid becausw it had the word “screw”.

Curtis Cartman sig.

Disnet spoof sig

I thought the Curtis Cartman one was really funny.

Thanks Pixarmiln

A sig i made for the 2010 PP Awards

Another one I made

Jack Jack sig. Take my advice and do this.

A Harry Potter Sig.

A drawing I made in Senior year

The Sulley one is my favorite. It is really funny.

Another Harry Potter sig, credit go’s to genzoman on Devianart for the awasome drawing.

This one was for the 4th of July.

Another one I did for Independence Day

A more sad South Park sig

My Count vs Edward sig AH AH AH!

My Frollo sig, Frollo’s not happy.

I’m sure these are my last 2 old sig’s and my newest sig.

Another 4th of July Eagle sig

South Park Season 14 DVD cover sig

My Tangled/Pokemon sig

Amazing! Frollo, Flynn, and Edward are my favorites!

And their are more to come.

Yay! -you should do a Gaston one----

Yeah, i do one if I can think of a good one for him.

Here’s Mr. Garrison from South Park. I kinda like his stance but his face is kinda creepy.

A South Park/Tangled crossover, this time, it’s Tom Cruise in the closet.

Cool stuff! :smiley: Is the Jack-Jack one a reference to The Legend Of Zelda? If so, that’s my favorite. :sunglasses:

Yep, it’s also a reference to this.

Ha! 8D You know, the first thing I wanted to say when I saw that was: "the guy looks plush and lovable on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a monster! 8D