Who has the best Signature?

I feel stupid. I glimpsed at Leirin’s sig and thought it was some kind of abstract picture with lovely colors, and only now I spotted the fish. :blush: I love this signature! :smiley:

Ha-ha! :laughing: No shame; I can tell how you’d see that. Thanks for the compliments guys :smiley:

Around Christmas, I will have a handrawn sig of one of the Pixar films.

Your welcome Leirin.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

little chef

I may have my South Park/Pixar Planet sig as my new Permanent sig. What do you guys think?

Can a Mod please put this in the Graphics page.

[Pixarfan91's History of Sig's and Avatars)

I like Glenn’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Just did.

Thank you Kenzie.

Yes, he did a splendid job on it! :slight_smile:

I feel like everyone decided to change their sig today. 8D My newest favorite is bryanbmp’s LoZ sig. Super awesome. :-D)

Hmmm…not that you mention it, there have been quite a few!

THANKS Snipe , yours is also great, is Kevin stretching?,hahah, love that bird

I didn’t mean to change mine in correspondance with everyone else. Now I sort of like mine less. I waited too long to put it there anyway. Oh well.

Do any of you guys want me to keep my Pixar Planet/South Park sig?

I like it!

So I guess that’s 1 for keep it. Thanks for the vote Virginia. Let’s see if it gets more.

Wow IV, your Beauty and the Beast sig is gorgeous! I absolutely love the text you put in it! <3 Hard to imagine that it’s been 20 years… it was released a year before I was born, which makes me 20 next year, and that’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around! :laughing:

I’m not sure I’ll be doing a Christmas-themed sig unless I can come up with something good. Even then, I probably won’t use it until a couple weeks before Christmas because I’m not one who gets into the “Christmas spirit” all that early. :stuck_out_tongue: It irks me when stores start putting out Christmas stuff and play Christmas songs even before Thanksgiving! xDDD

little chef

Aw, I’m glad you like it little-chef!! It’s my favorite Disney movie, so I had to do something. I thought nobody would like it. The ballroom scene if my favorite scene, and I wanted to use frilly yelow writing, so I used Curlz MT. 8D I’m so happy you like it. :`-( :smiley:

IV: It’s one of my most favorite Disney movies, too! There’s so many that I love and it’s hard to pick a favorite. But that one is definitely at the top. I love that scene too, though I sometimes wish they played the Celine Dion version of “Beauty and the Beast” instead of Mrs. Potts, because I love Celine’s voice and version so much more.

You’re welcome! :smiley:

little chef