Who has the best Signature?

I know this has been brought up in few places, but what Singatures do you like the most here on Pixar Planet?

For me:

The Star Swordsman: Simple, original, just great! :smiley:

Fairly Odd New Yorker: I love your animated Harry Potter one! :laughing:

Gasduude: Your’s is just awesome man! :wink:

Spider-Man: Can’t wait for the movie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your turn…

Well, i love all of the sigs. But i will say this, if you have any Incredibles on your sig, you automaticly have my vote.

Haha – I was waiting for somebody to start a thread like this…

Glad you like the signature I made, Gasduude! Thanks for wearing it. (snigger) :wink:

Everyone has such great signatures and pictures to go with them; however, I do kinda like my own – no offense. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

The Star Swordsman – (haha) Yeah, well seems as if you won’t be giving out too many “votes”…

I might get a The Incredibles one after the Ratatouille fever dies down. So stick around man! :smiley:

A little biased aren’t you? I think you should feel pretty proud of yourself. I see all lot of sigs, and they were made by you.

The Star Swordsman - Who me? looks around

Well, if so, then thanks, dude! I’m not one to brag, but yeah: I do like my own signatures. (snigger)

Didn’t you do some stuff too, Gasduude? :smiley:

I must admit, I really have to thank JV for my sig. He was the one who made it for me.

Oh yes – JV is an awesome graphic artist. I love all of his posters; they’re so creative and charming. And I must say that that signature he made for you sure suits your personality well. (snigger) :wink:

I agree. I can be picky sometimes with my signurtures. I must get what I want or I won’t use it.

Well I like mine cause it means a lot to me and is my favorite scene from the movie.

But other than mine I like Mitch’s and Gasduude’s Sigs.

aZnCdn - Haha – well thanks, dude! I like yours, as well. The look on Mack’s face is priceless, as are the expressions of the Delinquents. :wink:

How many times do you guys change your sigs?

The Star Swordsman - I usually change mine every couple of weeks or so; either that, or whenever I just get plain sick of it. More often than not I won’t use another of my previously-made signatures, but will rather create an entire new batch of graphics and just pick one of them to display in my signature “box”.

About once a month, but I won’t be changing the pic for a while. Maybe the text and the links.

I noticed Mitch. Everytime I get used to one, you just change. It is like WOW!!! I don’t change. I am happy.

The Star Swordsman - Haha – cha, I change it when you least expect it.

I must confess that the text/caption in my current signature was inspired in part by something that Gasduude said in a Ratatouille thread some time back. If you scroll down to Gasduude’s first message on this particular page, you’ll see what I mean:

click here

Oh I see, that is where the spy-theme message came from.

[size=92]I just LOVE Maggie’s signature. I could watch it again and again.[/size]

Oh yeah, Maggie’s is pretty cool! She makes all of her animated signatures by PhotoFilter, I believe. They’re awesome. :wink:

I also love FONY’s signature, simply because it’s hilarious. :laughing:

I really like Pixe; Candy. You can not get two more random things. Cars, and We will rock you.