PixarPlanet Awards 2012 - Winners!

It’s finally the moment you all have been waiting for… time to announce the winners!! :smiley:

Once again, I extend my most sincere apologies for the awards running so unnecessarily late this year! Hopefully next year, things will be much more put together!

There were many, many ties this year. This is why I can’t stress member participation enough! The more votes y’all submit, the less chance of this happening. There were more ties this year than any year previously, and this is something I’d like to see less of next year, with the help of you guys!

All right, with that out of the way… it’s my pleasure to announce to you the winners of the PixarPlanet Awards 2012!

-Best Member-

Spirit of Adventure

-Best New Member of 2012-


-Best PixarPlanet Staff Member-


-Friendliest Member-


-Funniest Member-

IncredigirlVirginia and thedriveintheatre

-Most Informative Member-

Spirit of Adventure

-Best Critiquer-


-Member You’d Most Like to Meet-


-Member Most Likely to Get a Job at Pixar-

little_chef_eva09 and Mitch

-Craziest Pixar Fan-


-Best Signature-

This category had an unprecedented four-way tie. (Side note: Let’s please try to keep this from happening next year, guys!)

by JustSoWall-eCrazy

by Violet Parr

by ObsessedWithPixar

by Pixarfan91

-Best Avatar-

by thedriveintheatre

-Best Video-

Speed of Love: A WALL-E MV by little_chef_eva09

-Best Fan Fiction-

Triangolo D’Amore by MissCarrera

-Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction-

Poems and Stories by queen_of_painting

-Best Pixar Artwork-

by little_chef_eva09

-Best Non-Pixar Artwork-

by S 330

-Best Video Maker-


-Best Graphic and Icon Artist-

Spirit of Adventure

-Best Fan Fiction Writer-


-Best Fan Artist-


-Best Original Artist-


-Best Fandom Medium-

Fan Art

-Best Game-

True or False

-Best Thread-

Who Has the Best Signature? and Favorite Films of 2012

-Best Thread Creator-


-Best Picture-

Wreck-It Ralph and Lincoln

-Best Animated Film-

Wreck-It Ralph

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to thedriveintheatre, who helped host the awards for the very first time this year! I wouldn’t have been able to keep it all together without his help, especially with all the stuff life decided to throw at me just around award time. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks a ton, Andre! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all of our winners! :smiley: You’re all free to post “acceptance speeches” in this thread if you’d like, or simply congratulate each other! Here’s to another great year on the boards! Thanks to all of you guys for your participation!

little chef

Congratulations to all of the winners! :smiley:

[size=50]Too bad I didn’t win anything.[/size]

First time my sig has ever won. I worked hard on that one. I was kinda hoping on winning funniest member as well.

I agree with Spirit as best member, their deserved it most. It seems the all-mighty Kenzie has been beat.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you all for this. Thanks for giving us three awards, specially the Best Member one, which we never thought we would achieve.

Thank you so much, Ms. E-j-E, Ms. Leirin, Ms. Chef, Mr. tdit and Mr. Swordman (where have you been, by the way?). Our greatest respects. Any of you deserved it.

We also need to thank you after receiving the Best Graphic Artist award for the third consecutive year. It’s an award that means a lot to us, and we always look forward to sharing a new set of logos in the site.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees. Your all great people.

We both thank you again.

Hot snot, I won three awards?! (Lol that’s a Doc Hudson phrase) :open_mouth: I had hoped I would at least win Best Newbie or Craziest Pixar Fan, but I had such awesomely awesome competition I figured I probably wouldn’t. Oh, thanks so much, you guys! Even the fact I got tied for Best Signature! This has been so amazing! You’re all deserving of an award just for being the awesome Pixar Planet members you are! :mrgreen: :nerd:

I can’t believe I won something, and my game won too. Thank you guys so much! :mrgreen:


Thank you so much for hosting the awards TDIT and little_chef! I know how much time and effort you put into these awards, thank you!

And much congratulations to the Spirits! I admire how you’ve been able to be a constant presence on the forums, despite how slow this year has been.

And I’m happy that you guys voted me to be most likely person you’d like to meet in person! Because I would love to meet all of you, since you are all my friends.

Cheers all around everyone! I’ll update the Pixar Planet Award Winners thread tonight.

Didn’t win anything, oh well. I don’t really go on here much anymore anyway.

Congrats to all the winners! :smiley:

First off, let me thank my co-host, little_chef, for helping out with the awards! Not only is she an active member and inspiring artist, but a wonderful friend, not just to me, but to everyone else on the forum. I am proud to say that I have hosted this year’s awards with you, Sara, and I look forward to many more awesome years ahead.

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted me. I am grateful for winning three awards this year, despite my inactivity at the start of last year (due to my moving to another country, new job, etc). I strive to make everyone smile as much as possible, even though it doesn’t work out all the time (I gotta work on my puns), so I’m humbled that you think of me as a funny guy (along with the amazing IV) and a good critiquer. I was really gobsmacked that my avatar would win, especially with it having nothing to do with Pixar! It is also interesting that when I started out here, I was a prolific video-maker, but now that crown has gone to little_chef - and rightfully so, though I hope to make a big comeback this year, fingers crossed!

King-gratulations to all the other winners too. Spirit’s wins are well-deserved, they are an amazing combo tag team of elite graphic-makers and wealth of movie info. EJE is the nicest member around, and I can see why everyone would like to meet her in-person. OWP, Leirin, you’re kind and all-round good members too. Pixarfan91, keep your chin up, I’m a huge fan of your sigs. JSWeC, little_chef, Mitch, MissCarrera, Violet Parr, and S330 fully deserve their wins for such amazing fanart and being the most hardworking fanwork creators. PixarTeo, I don’t know if you’re a great thread creator, but you’re certainly a friendly and awesome person.

To all those who didn’t win, don’t despair. Some of the votes were really close! I think it should be alright to say that Wreck-It-Ralph, for example, won by just one vote from Brave in the Best Animated Film category (Congrats to Ralphie for sweeping both movie categories!). And, of course, the Best Sig category was a never-before-in-the-history-of-this-forum four-way tie. Which is why every vote counts, and I strongly encourage everyone to take part in next year’s awards so we have less of these ties.

Anyway, long story short, thank you to everyone, not just the winners, not just the nominees, not just the voters, commenters, and observers, but everyone who contributes meaningfully to this forum in any way. Your presence here is what makes this website worth visiting, and I think that’s more than any “empty cup” or a “medal” can provide for.

Oh stop it you! :blush:

This! Amazing reference to two films that is very true!

And I’ve updated the Pixar Planet Winners throughout the years thread! Take a look!

Pixar Planet Winners 2008-2012

Hooray! I won an awards for my Ratatouille sig! Thank you all very much! :smiley:

Congratulations to all our winners this year! Your wins are truly deserved so go ahead enjoy knowing that you’re a great force here at Pixar Planet!

If hell freezes over and I get spare time (which I seem to have very little of), y’all may get a little special surprise (read: user banners)… :wink:

Congratulations to everybody! I’m surprised I was able to move down to the finalist category in two different spots. Furthermore, I am even happier that seemingly most of the people I nominated won for the categories in which I voted for them! Again, great job to all of you guys!

Congrats to all the very deserving winners! :mrgreen: I’m still happy about having 8 nominations, so I don’t care that I didn’t win anything. 8D

Wow, I’m seriously honored that I actually won—in two categories no less!! :open_mouth: :smiley: Thank you all!! And congrats to everyone, even those who didn’t place!

Congrats! I loved looking at everyone’s work! :smiley:

You guys are all fantastic! We have such a lovely company of members on this site, and we always have. It’s so fun to be able to highlight you guys and your accomplishments every year, so I’m super happy we were able to hold the awards again this year, even with the inactivity of the last year.

And know that even if you didn’t win anything, or get nominated for anything, you all are still a part of the wonderful sense of camaraderie that this forum holds. As Chef Gusteau likes to emphasize, everyone in the “kitchen” is important! :smiley:

I’m overwhelmed by the awards I received this year, you guys. I really am. ;___; I can’t thank you all enough for considering me the best PP Staff Member or someone likely to get a job at Pixar (tied with Mitch, whom I consider to be a sister… we have seriously talked about working at Pixar together someday, so the tie is rather ironic! :laughing:).

Not to mention, I’m flattered by the sweep in the fandom categories… thank you all, so very much! <3 Like all of our wonderful fan work creators, I put lots of love (and blood, sweat, and very real tears!) into my fan creations. To have them recognized in this capacity is overwhelming. Thank you. :')

And lastly, but definitely not leastly, another huge “thanks!!!” to thedriveintheatre for his assistance with the awards, and a shout-out to my fellow moderators and PixarPlanet staff. Y’all are amazing, I couldn’t be “working” with a more tightly-knit, well-oiled team. :slight_smile:

Thanks once more, and another hearty “congrats” to all of our winners!

little chef