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I like movies. So from time to time. I will review movies. Whenever I post one on Youtube I put the link here. I will try to review every Pixar movie. Right now I use pictures but I hope to use scenes in my reviews soon. You are welcome to send request. Their is no promise I’ll review it, But I’ll see. I don’t think this will happen much, but maybe on Skype I can do a review with one of you guys. I think that may be fub but don’t see it happing much. I will try not to make the reviews too long, A Skype one may be though. I hope you guys enjoy these reviews.

Tangled review


Cars 2 review


The Cars 2 review was good. I enjoyed it, so another good job.

Cool reviews.

Thanks. I need to make more but I’m lazy.

I know what you mean when you said you were lazy. I am always lazy.

Made some video’s for my DVD collection.

Part 1 - youtube.com/watch?v=uVr7l7eXnE8

Part 2 - youtube.com/watch?v=5IzBcfpi4Yw

Part 3 - youtube.com/watch?v=0a4lXDvteXs

Cool videos. I never expected you would look like that. But anyway nice videos. :smiley:

What did you thought I would look like?

Well I thought you would have glasses. I would think that you would have blonde hair and blue eyes. Short hair and glassses.

Great job with the DVD Collection videos! I really enjoyed them, so great job.

I really like your DVD collection there David!

lol, nope. Brown hair and brown eyes.

I’ll try to make a new video soon. Maybe I’ll make a video game update video.

I think a Video Game video is a good idea.

I can’t wait for that video.



Here’s a little video I did on Monster’s University, not much just an update.