Pixarians on Twitter

Pixar-related twitter accounts:

Pixar Pool - twitter.com/pixarpool
Spline Doctors - twitter.com/splinedoctors

Andrew Stanton - twitter.com/6Mman
Lee Unkrich - twitter.com/leeunkrich
Michael B. Johnson - twitter.com/drwave
Jeff Pidgeon - twitter.com/jpidgeon
Craig Good - twitter.com/clgood
Josh Anon - twitter.com/joshanon
Lindsay VanderGalien - twitter.com/olindsayo
Ronnie del Carmen - twitter.com/paperbiscuit
David Silverman - twitter.com/tubatron
Nathan Fariss - twitter.com/BestNerdEver
Alec Bartsch - twitter.com/AlecBartsch
M. Frederickson - twitter.com/mfrederickson
Fareed Mosavat - twitter.com/far33d
Alec Bartsch - twitter.com/AlecBartsch
Scott Morse - twitter.com/crazymorse
Jeremy Lasky - twitter.com/jfangsky
Angus MacLane - twitter.com/AngusMacLane
Cat Hicks - twitter.com/cathicks
Anna Wolitzky - twitter.com/annawolitzky
Oren Jacob - twitter.com/orenjacob

UP- twitter.com/UP_dates
Dug - twitter.com/dugthedog

Really? They have Twitter Accounts huh? Thats so cool.

I’ve been watching Unkrich’s Twitter lately. Good stuff.

“My kids have seen Toy Story 3. Now I’ll have to lock them in their rooms until June 18, 2010…” :laughing:

Following all three! Andrew Stanton had a post yesterday that read “Casting - designing - and scripts! Oh my!” I wanted to ask what he was working on, but I figured he wouldn’t answer.

The Pixar pool even has its own twitter page! Pretty amusing! twitter.com/pixarpool

I already told you that when we were hosting, remember? 8D :slight_smile:

That Pixar Pool page is great. “POOL RULE 1: Henceforth non-TS3 animation swimmers are awarded a +5 race handicap. Those smooth, smooth heads = unfair aquadynamic advantage” since Lee Unkrich shaved his hair off recently and all.

Anyone know who Goss_Up girl is? “She” seems to know a lot of insider information. I can’t figure out whether it’s a dedicated fan or some type of Disney-Pixar undercover marketing for the movie.

I caught that too, I like to believe that he is casting for his Sci-Fi film John Carter of Mars

Jeff Pidgeon - twitter.com/jpidgeon

All the TS3 animators shaved their heads as well: Photo

And I’m wondering the same thing about Goss_Up_girl too.

More Pixarians (thanks Martin from @upcomingpixar)

Craig Good - twitter.com/clgood
Josh Anon - twitter.com/joshanon
Lindsay VanderGalien - twitter.com/olindsayo
Ronnie Del Carmen - twitter.com/paperbiscuit

Thanks for starting up this thread, Geoff CB! :smiley:

I’m also following Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich. I’ve written to them several times, but they never reply. Still, it’s cool to know that they frequent the site. Both of them have linked to a couple of pretty amusing videos, and it’s fun to read their comments. Heheh. :wink:

Has no one mentioned David Silverman yet? He used to work at Pixar and is a friend of my parents. Here’s his Twitter account:


As for gossUP_girl: Perhaps she’s a relative of one of the employees at Pixar?

– Mitch

I think the Pixarians get a lot of tweets per day, so they have to be selective about what they respond to. It must be fun to work at a place where you’re allowed to tweet your co-workers, and shave your head bald for fun, and not get into trouble for it.

Just read Stanton’s Twitter account…

Have I mentioned Andrew Stanton is amazing lately?

That man is amazing.

Man, I love Twitter. One of the Pixarians is currently following my Tweets, so I gave him a reply. I hope he responds.

Oh, and for those who think Twitter is just a trend, Twitter is definitely here to stay. It enables me to follow my favorite blogs, friends, and Pixarians. I also use Twitter as a mini journal that just happens to be public.

Nathan Fariss - twitter.com/BestNerdEver

Pixar’s Up - twitter.com/UP_dates

After sifting through what Pixarians are following, I found:

Alec Bartsch:
IMDB page: imdb.com/name/nm0003543/

and M. Frederickson, technical director:

Fareed Mosavat:
IMDB page: imdb.com/name/nm1485863/

Dug’s on twitter now :slight_smile:

The Dug twitter is my favourite. How can you not love posts like: “Hi there”, “SQUIRREL” and “Oh yes, I would LOVE to go for a walk, thank you for asking…but is that leash really necessary?” :smiley:

They just created an official Pixar Twitter:


the dug twitter is priceless. thank you for sharing that, i’ll be watching those updates for sure.