Pixarmilan's Avatars and Signatures

Thank you^^.

Your welcome bro! :laughing: 8D

Here’s my new sig, I made it to celebrate my 5000th post:


Nice job! :smiley: I like it.

Thank you very much.

Sweet Milan!

Thank you ^^!

Your welcome.

Here’s my new sig:

It is of the original Pink Floyd line-up, which is: left, Richard Wright, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Syd Barrett.

And the line in the sig is from the song Dark Globe by Syd Barrett. The line is: “Won’t you miss me, Wouldn’t you miss me at all.”

Nice job!

Thank you very much!

Your welcome.

Here’s my new signature made by me: .
I am just expressing that Jimmy Page (from Led Zeppelin) is my favorite guitarist of all time in my signature.

Nice job!

Thanks alot.

No problem! :wink:

This is my new signature. Again it’s made by me, featuring Russell from Up, and the line is one of my favorites of his from the film.

I like it.

Thank you.

Your welcome.