Pixarmilan's Avatars and Signatures

I am posting the signatures and avatars that I have used. I did not make these, I found them on various different places on the internet. Alot of them are just pictures.
My Avatars:
This was my first one:

And my current and second one:

My Signatures:
My first one, from a poster of Ratatouille:

My Second one, from a scene in Ratatouille:

My Third one, which is one of Mr. Incredible:

My Forth one, which is of a picture of Brian May The guitarist of Queen playing guitar:

My Fifth one, which is a picture of The Beatles:

My Sixth one, which is a picture of The Who performing:

My Seventh and current one, a picture of Led Zeppelin:

Thank you for viewing them, post your thoughts if you wish.

Cool, I like your second Ratatouille sig.

Thank you! :smiley:

Now here is my new and current signature, it is of the four main characters of Up.

Here is my new sig

It is of Superman battling Lex Luthor. The art is done by Curt Swan, my personal favorite and one of the best Artists to work on the Superman Comics.

You going to do more Superman sigs?

I like all of them. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I will. I am also planning on doing some other superhero’s too.

Do you have any requests?

FF all of the crew.

Maybe Spiderman. If you have a sig request for me you can ask. Their’s no promise I’ll do it.

I was actually planning on doing Spider-Man next.

I’ll definitely do them at some point too.

Cool. :smiley:

My new sig is of Spider-Man battling The Green Goblin. The Art is by: John Romita SR. The art is taken from the cover of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 (Nov 1968).
Here it is:

Awesome photo. :smiley:

Thank you very much!

Hehe. I am going to make a thread about my Sig’s and avatar’s soon.

Okay, I’ll have to see it when you make it^.

I know you will anyway. :wink:

This is my new sig. It’s the first sig I made myself. The image is from the cover of Queen II, and the “Think I’ll stay around” part of the line is from the song Now I’m Here by Queen. I added the “On Pixar Planet” part. I did the writing, so this is the first sig I made.
Here it is:

Cool sig. :laughing: