PixarPlanet Awards 2012 - General Discussion

Hey, howdy hey, look what time of year it is! It’s time for the PixarPlanet Awards! :smiley:

I know things are a bit slow-going this year as far as getting this event up and running, but we almost debated on not holding it this year due to the inactivity. However, I believe that the show must go on, and the awards are something many new members and old members alike have looked forward to with anticipation since we started holding them back in 2008. :slight_smile:

thedriveintheatre and I will be your official hosts, but the other mods, including ellie-jessie-eve, Spirit of Adventure, and Violet Parr will be helping out, as well! You are free to direct any of your questions about the awards or the voting process to any of us, at any time.

So… here we go! Let’s get started and look at the award categories we’ll be having this year!

[size=150]Awards Categories[/size]

Best Member
Best New Member of 2012
Best Pixar Planet Staff Member
Friendliest Member
Funniest Member
Most Informative Member
Best Critiquer
Member You Would Most Like to Meet in Person
Member Most Likely to Get a Job at Pixar
Craziest Pixar Fan

Best Signature
Best Avatar
Best Video
Best Pixar Fan Fiction
Best Non-Pixar Fan Fiction
Best Pixar Artwork
Best Non-Pixar Artwork

Best Video Maker
Best Graphic and Icon Artist
Best Fan Fiction Writer
Best Fan Artist
Best Original Artist

Favorite Fandom Medium

Best Game
Best Thread
Best Thread Creator

We will be considering adding these two new categories to the mix this year, but they are still subject to debate. They are categories based on the Oscars and will be open categories; that is, you will vote on the films you think should have been nominated or should win these awards:

Best Picture
Best Animated Film

Again, those two categories are subject to change or be removed, but your suggestions are welcome regarding them or any of our categories.

[size=150]Reminders and Important Notices:[/size]

-Non-Pixar Categories for Fanfiction and Artwork are included.

-Best Video is an Open Category like Best Avatar and Best Sig. This means both Pixar and non-Pixar entries are accepted.

-Threads from the Toy Story Board having to do with the buying, selling, or trading of merchandise are disqualified from nomination or voting, since they will be removed on February 14, 2013.

-Take note!! This year, we’re allowing you a bigger window for your fan works and submissions to be considered in the awards. In the past, we typically had a cutoff date sometime in December, but this year, due to the inactivity, we’ve decided to extend it into the awards. Fan works created before February 2, 2013 will be considered. So here’s your chance to finish that fan fiction or fan art! :smiley:

-The above change does not apply to new members. Only members who joined before December 31, 2012 will be considered as nominees for the Best New Member of 2012 category.

-The categories “Best Debater” and “Most Mysterious Member” have been removed this year.

Let’s take a quick look at our schedule for this year. The dates are pretty much fixed, but could be changed for any reason, so keep your eye out! :slight_smile:


One week from now:

For Your Consideration opens - Tues, January 22
(FYC will be open for two weeks!)

Two weeks later:

Submissions deadline - Tues, Feb 05
(FYC thread closes)

Nominations Begin - Sun, Feb 03

One week later:

Nominations End - Sun, Feb 10

Five days later:

Voting starts - Fri, Feb 15

One week later:

Voting ends - Fri, Feb 22

Two days later:

Winners announced - Sun, Feb 24 (Academy Awards night!)

Those dates are subject to change but we’ll try our best to adhere to them.

Feel free to discuss any aspect of the awards this year or provide feedback, suggestions, or inquiries in this thread. Please note that this is not a nomination or voting thread, we will create them at the later dates stipulated in the schedule. We will also be posting any updates or notifications here in this thread, so keep a lookout!

The Rules will also be posted for you guys to look at in the very near future, so if you have any questions about them, please wait until the thread has been posted and you’ve had a chance to look over the rules before you ask.

We’re super excited for this thing to get going, and we’re sure you are, too! :smiley:

little chef

Awesome! It’s good to have another one of these, despite the inactivity. :smiley:

Great news! I wasn’t expecting them, because of the inactivity, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

So excites for these awards. The inner awards obsessor is coming out! :smiley:

I’m excited about this guys! I know that it’s been slow lately, but it would be a shame to not do the awards!

Let the games begin!

All riiiight! I’m totes excited! My first time getting to participate in the PP Awards! Can’t wait! :mrgreen: (Gotta love exclamation points!)

As this is my second time as co-host of the awards, it is an honour, and I look forward to working with little_chef to make this the best one yet!

Also, you guys might want to set aside some free time this coming fortnight to make as much fanwork as possible for members’ consideration before submissions close at the end of this month. I know I will. :slight_smile:

Woohoo! So excited for these again. :smiley: I should probably think about uploading the graphics & fanart I have lying around. :laughing:

Still really excited about this. It’ll be my first Pixar Planet Awards, so it’s going to be a very new experience for me!

Same here! The FYC Consderation thread should be up soon.

I am so excited because I have never voted.

The FYC thread is up everyone!

Click the following link for the rules for posting your artwork for nomination. The thread will be open for posts for two weeks.


Happy Posting!

My, my, how time flies! There’s only three more days to get your pieces in for the For Your Consideration thread, so hustle y’all! Don’t worry if you miss the deadline, people can still nominate pieces which are not showcased in the FYC thread. It’s just that you’ll lack a little publicity, s’all. :wink:

Only two more days to enter your promo into the FYC thread!

Take note of the 9:30am Tuesday Honolulu deadline. :wink:

Calling all Planeteers! You only have a few hours left to get your works publicised on the FYC thread, so get a move on! :slight_smile: The thread can still be viewed for the rest of the Pixar Planet Awards season, but you won’t be able to edit or add any posts to it after the deadline expires. Please do not send in your nominations until the Nominations Thread is set up.

After a few days of extra time, the FYC thread is now closed! Thank you to everyone who managed to get your promotional posts in! Make sure to plug 'em like you mean it, by linking in your sig, telling all your Pixar chums on social media, et cetera, et cetera. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for the Nominations thread!

Too bad I didn’t make my sig before the entries closed. Oh, well. Maybe next year. I haven’t been active much this past year anyway.

No worries, Buzz&Woddyforever! You can still be nominated for other categories, and if you made any graphics within the past year besides your current one, they’re fair game for nomination. :slight_smile:

Hey y’all, just wanted to let you guys know that the nominations have finally been tallied, and our finalists have been announced. Voting is now open from today until Wednesday, March 6. Please be sure to read the rules first before sending in your final votes.

Things are about to get exciting up in here! Time to get your vote on! :smiley:

little chef

Just one nomination? Blasphemy!