PixarPlanetdA September Contest!

lennonluvr9- A friend of mine who also runs a club advised me to do it like that, and I can definitely see where he’s coming from because it really does give everyone a chance. But it makes the choice more difficult! :laughing:

I already voted. I can’t wait to see a winner.

Well, we’ve got a winner- tinyfishy! :smiley:

Thanks everyone who participated! :smiley:

Here’s the link to the journal- pixarplanetda.deviantart.com/jou … /#comments

I’m glad I didn’t win, because I wouldn’t know what to do with a free subscription. :laughing:

Great job, tinyfishy! :smiley:

Congratulations to you Tinyfishy!

Congratulations to tinyfishy! :smiley:

FONY - Haha! Yeah, same here. :laughing:

– Mitch