PixarPlanetdA September Contest!

Yep, we’ve got another contest up and running! Here are the details-

September Competition

The Theme- To create a piece of artwork based on Pixar characters and their experiences at school!


It must contain at least one of the original Pixar characters partaking in an activity to do with school. They can be in the classroom, on the playground, doing their homework- whatever you can think of!
It may contain some of your own characters, as long as there is a known Pixar character within the picture.
It can be created in any artistic form.
Characters from any of the Pixar films, or shorts, are allowed.
It must not contain any obscene references- keep it universal, please! Any explicit entries will be ignored.

And that’s it! Be creative, and make sure you follow these dates and deadlines-


Opening date: 7th September
Ending date: 30th September
Voting will begin: 1st October
Voting will end: 7th October

The winner will be announced in the first journal after the voting has ended.


The picture will be the club’s featured deviation until the next competition.
The winner will recieve a one month subscription, donated by the lovely Cylu-chan (Haunt)!
The winner will be inducted into PPdA’s Hall of Fame.

Well, that’s it! Good luck, everyone! :smiley:

Let’s see if I can redeem myself from that mess I dared to enter last time… :unamused:

I’ll give it a shot! :mrgreen:

My idea came to me last night. I shall not fail again!


I look forward to seeing both of your entries. :smiley:

Me niether! I am so excited for another contest!

I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch this time around. I wish all the best to whomever enters the contest! :wink:

– Mitch

Awww, you ain’t participating Mitch? Why not?

The Star Swordsman - Eh – I’ve got too much work to do. :wink:

– Mitch

Ah, that’s too bad, but understandable. Maybe next time!

Okay, everyone, there’s a week to go and we haven’t had any entries yet! But you’ve still got time to enter, so if you’ve got an idea, go for it! :smiley:

I’ll make the due date this time! :wink:


I would enter (subcription!!!) but I have no ideas. X.x

I have an idea but I’ve yet to sketch it let alone finish it. I’ll try sketching it in class this week but I might not be done with it. =P

Oh,why couldn’t I be born in '94? I would enter but I’m too young for DA.

Could you just draw it and then PM it to lizardgirl?

PPdA contests are open exclusively to deviants.


Sorry for the depressing bump.

Yesterday I was working on my entry, but the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to finish and submit it. My setting is no different than those of the 2 entries so far. Besides, the one I favor is very cute.

I withdraw myself from the contest. Good luck to the remaining participants! :wink:


Okay, PV thanks for the heads up! :smiley:

Okay everyone, voting is now open! Here’s the link- pixarplanetda.deviantart.com/art … n-66484844

I saw that yesterday and already voted. I do like the format. It was hard to choose what order I wanted them to be in!