PIXAR's "Made In Point Richmond" Employee-exclusive DVD...

Some amount of time after For The Birds, the last PIXAR production made in Point Richmond before the move to Emeryville, was made, PIXAR made a DVD exclusive to their employees called Made In Point Richmond.

It featured a selection of work PIXAR produced outside of their films; their short films, trailers, F/X work, television work and party videos.

As we can see from the listing, it includes (with interesting content listed in bold):

Short Films

-André and Wally B.
-[b]Blowin’ In The Wind[/b] (I have never heard of this before.)
-Beach Chair
-Flags and Waves
-Luxo Jr.
-Red’s Dream
-Tin Toy
-Knick Knack (Could be the original version)
-Geri’s Game
-For The Birds

Trailers & F/X

-Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn
-Return of the Jedi
-Young Sherlock Holmes
-Cosmic Voyage
-It’s Tough to be a Bug
-Buzz Ride
-THX “Tex”
-THX “Stampede”
-A Bug’s Life Teaser
-Toy Story 2 Teaser
-Monsters, Inc. Teaser

Television (See Entire List on Flipside)


This must include an amount of PIXAR commercial division commercials. According to Pixar Talk’s list, no commercials were produced in 1997 and 1999, but it could be assumed that maybe it got some dates wrong, like the UNICEF one could have been made in 1997 and the Toy Story 2 ones could have been made in 1999 instead. Assuming there’s enough space there might be all the 79 commercials they’ve made. Other television work they’ve done includes the Toy Story Treats (so it might include all the Green Army Men Chants made), the Sesame Street Luxo Jr. shorts (so they could be the original audio track versions), the two Oscars appearances of the Toy Story characters and some amount of the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command CGI intros (the last two of which were in 2000, so they may well be included).

Party Videos

-Christmas 1986
-Christmas 1987
-Christmas 1988
-Christmas 1989
-Christmas 1990
-Christmas 1991
-Christmas 1992
-Christmas 1993
-Christmas 1994
-A Bug’s Life Pre-Show Slides
-Toy Story 2 Wrap Party

Anyone have any more information on this or a rip? I’d love to see DVD-quality rips of the really interesting things.


The person on Tumblr had posted this image. From it, we know it has the Luxo Jr. Sesame Street shorts, so maybe the alleged original audio tracks, incomplete versions of some ads, at least one ad previously not known about (“Introduction”), DVD quality first Oscars Toy Story appearance, only two Green Army Men chants, Bug’s Life Ponkickies, BLOSC animations, the Jessie Cowgirl Acceptance Speech and various ABC bumpers to do with Toy Story I’ve never heard of.