PIXAR's Promotional Pieces

Hands down, PIXAR Studios has the best marketing division for their films and nowhere is this best seen in their promotional creations. They always go full out when creating thies piece, diorama, and engineering machines. I mean remember the giant promotional WALL-E Bot?

Or perhaps you saw the flying UP blimp around the countryside (I have a flickr group for tracking it’s location)
They also made a Real Life version of Carl Frederickson’s House

Also that life sized Ken’s House for Toy Story 3 was really awesome too.

And of course, they have a ton of PIXAR commemorative statues at their studio to greet any newcomers to their building.

What impresses me most is the WALL-E robot, have you seen that thing in action? The Disney Imagineers out did them selves this time!

And odn’t forget the Giant Luxo lamp (complete with ball)

These never cease to astound me! The Cars replicas look like they came straight out of the movie! And Ken’s Dreamhouse seems like it’d be cool for a themed kid’s playplace…

I haven’t seen anything as elaborate as these examples for Inside Out.

Back when I went, I saw the tapestry and rock formation from Brave.

I know this thread as a ton to do with physical marketing design pieces but I mean, they had an entire Monsters University website. I mean, they STILL have it, and I’m pretty sure it gets updated. They had a store too, and though I no longer have the journal I was able to buy from there, and they no longer have the online store page, there was a point in time when they sold sweaters with four arms. That’s crazy! The Monsters University backdrop at HollywoodLand in Disney’s California Adventures isn’t a direct marketing device either, but it sure is great to have been able to take the pic.

^The website certainly counts as a promotional piece!