PixarTeo's Sig's And Avatar's

This is my first avatar I had:

This is my current avatar:

This was my first sig:

These were my second ones:

These were my third ones:

And these are my current ones, and my first ever made ones by me:

Nice ones! The ones you made yourself are pretty nice.

Thanks alot. :mrgreen: :laughing:

Nice Work! :slight_smile:

Thank you. :mrgreen: :smiley:

This is my current sig that I made:

This is my current avatar:

I hope you like them! :mrgreen:

This is my new Sig and Avatar.



I hope you like them! :smiley:

Great job! I really like that you’re doing Ratatouille graphics.

I love Ratatouille! :wink:
Thanks! :smiley:

Here is my new sig and avatar. I made them by myself.

My new avatar:

And my new sig:

I hope you like them.

Nice job! The sig is funny.

I do not understand your new signature. Who is in the second photo? They are great, though!!

The members of the band Journey are in the second photo^^, I believe.

Oh. So Journey is laughing at Queen?

That’s what she’s implying there^^. (even though I think Queen are better)

I agree with you, but the graphics are still cool.

If you look on the Sig thread you will see the explanation.

I like them equally.

But have you heard Journey before. I am not saying it rudely.

And thanks.

I have a new sig that I made. I hope you like them:

Nice job!

That is what I said to you on your thread. 8D Anyway thanks. :smiley:

I have a new sig and avatar I hope you like them: