Haha, “Don’t leak…” :laughing:

Those are so funny!!! Great work Pixfan!!! :smiley:

Thoses are hilarious!!! :smiley: I love the mater one

Thanx guys :mrgreen:

For you Randall fans…

Enjoy :mrgreen:

Hey Pixfan, all of them are incredibly clever and really funny. The last one will make a lot of randall fans love you. Nice work. I think I like the twilight part the best.

Great job, Pixfan! :smiley: I’m sure lizardgirl will love it.

Pixfan - Awesome! That “twilight” part on the Toy Story DVD freaked me out:stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! :smiley:

Hehe, gotta love the “leak” one… :laughing:

I like the first one from Toy Story 2, because that is one of the most awesome parts of the movie - when the text fires onto the screen. And I must say, I like how you change the text to suit each individual graphic. :sunglasses:

Thanx folks! :mrgreen:

Sky: I try to make my sigs my own, quoting the same exact thing they say in the actual scene doesn’t cut it for me. Like an aspiring animator like myself would think, there are many ways to get a statement across just as there are many ways to get a emotion across. Heh, looks like I’ve got maself a new hobby…:mrgreen:

EDIT: Oh yea, here’s another one for ya…

Enjoy :mrgreen:

OMG, that is so funny, I like “You missed a spot” on that is so funny, great work Pixfan!!! :smiley:

Thanx Spidey! Jus thinkin outta the box. (blame my friends) :mrgreen:

Hey, that one is a really clever one. It is funny and nice. i like it.

Pixfan - Haha! I love that one! :laughing:

Pixfan- Yep, Gasduude was right- I love the Randall one! That whole sequence in the film always makes me laugh, and that line goes perfectly with the screencap. The “missed a spot” one is hilarious too- the concentration on Sulley’s face! :laughing:

Coolio! It really does look like he is inspecting the floor, there. :sunglasses:

If ya liked that one, you’ll luv this one…:wink:

My mind is all over the place I know…


Now that, that is so flippin funny. I would never thoght Buddy would think of something like that. It is so randome, yet it works. Nice work! Really wonderful.

Puh-ha! That’s pretty funny… :laughing:

LOL, that line actually goes really well with that screen-cap! Nice work, Pixfan! :laughing: