After some serious thought and the growing competition, I had no choice other than show ya’ll what I got!

I’ll start off with some that I’ve had already and maybe a couple I randomly did…


Just a start… :mrgreen:

Pixfan: Hey, those are some really cool sigs you made there. I remembered your first one and it was a blast seeing it again. I love the belt one. It is realy funny.

I will admit that the monster’s one is kinda hard to read in the end, but nice.

Thanx, I figured that was a little hard to make out, the CDA sig says:
Everybody’s Gotta Go Sometime, the question here is…how?:mrgreen:

For those who missed my 4th of July Sig, here it will rest:

Enjoy :mrgreen:

Glad you started your thread, Pixfan! :smiley:

I love all of them, but that “warm welcome” cracked me up! :laugh:

Keep up the great work! :mrgreen:

I knew you’d be pleased. :wink:

Here’s a couple more I alredy had herre:

I might as well put up this one since JF coincidentally made one based on the same scene mind you though I had this one made a while ago…

I’ll sit back a minute now before I roll out some more…:mrgreen:

Haha! That “tickle” one is hilarious! :laughing:

Comments for all three.

Baseball is a cool sport, Monsters Inc characters are cool, the siggy is cool.

The view of the ocean, and jungle looks amazing. I love it. it is nice and relaxing.

Tickle one is really, really funny. realy clever too.

Cool graphics Pixfan, I like the baseball one. :smiley:

Great job, Pixfan! I like all of the witty comments.

Nice, Pixfan! You’ve got a really neat style. :sunglasses:

Thanx peoplez!:mrgreen:

I couldnt’ resist showing this one! ;-p

I couldnt’ help myself :mrgreen:

In the words of Ramone…

That is so too much! :laughing: 8D :laughing:

Wow, now that is indeed a funny one! I love it so much. I was laughing so hard. Wonderful work. Can’t wait to see more.

Ha! That made me laugh! :laughing:

Pixfan- Wow, your sigs are hilarious! I love the ‘excuse me’ one- the look on Bernie’s face! :laughing:

[size=92]Pixfan… You are AWESOME, my friend. 8D[/size]

Haha! I love the “tickle” and “excuse me” ones. :laughing:

Cool graphics, Pixfan! Very spiffy. I love 'em! :wink:

Funny you should note the expressions, the principal’s got that " I’m gonna pretend that didn’t just happen" face. :mrgreen:

A couple other random ones:

Hey it happens…

I’ll let that one sink in a little…

Enjoy, :mrgreen:


That last one is hilarious! :laughing:

Great job, Pixfan. :smiley: