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Hiyah, mortals!
[b][size=150]I’m Jacob, 12-year-old animator who really wants to work at Disney & Pixar one day. I have a blog called Jacob’s Characterz! The site is every odd, awesome and in-between thing in my wacko imagination, and I want to share it with you. Go ahead! Grab the snack food of your choice, sit down and dive into the JC-Verse! I hope you like it - and if you work at Disney or Pixar, I really, REALLY hope so!

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Not bad for a 12 year old. In fact, some of these are pretty good. Continue to hone and master your craft though. Continue to draw, take classes. And continue to create and inspire. Those are my tips to you.

Impressive! It reminds me of Craig McCraken’s work in Wander over Yonder and The Powerpuff Girls. Keep it up!