PM Issues with PHP it seems...

Could not query private message post information


SQL Error : 145 Table ‘./pixar_Pixarpla/newphpbb_privmsgs_text’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

SELECT u.username AS username_1, u.user_id AS user_id_1, u2.username AS username_2, u2.user_id AS user_id_2, u.user_sig_bbcode_uid, u.user_posts, u.user_from, u.user_website, u.user_email, u.user_icq, u.user_aim, u.user_yim, u.user_regdate, u.user_msnm, u.user_viewemail, u.user_rank, u.user_sig, u.user_avatar, pm.*, pmt.privmsgs_bbcode_uid, pmt.privmsgs_text FROM newphpbb_privmsgs pm, newphpbb_privmsgs_text pmt, newphpbb_users u, newphpbb_users u2 WHERE pm.privmsgs_id = 31660 AND pmt.privmsgs_text_id = pm.privmsgs_id AND pm.privmsgs_to_userid = 2289 AND ( pm.privmsgs_type = 0 OR pm.privmsgs_type = 1 OR pm.privmsgs_type = 5 ) AND u.user_id = pm.privmsgs_from_userid AND u2.user_id = pm.privmsgs_to_userid

Line : 240
File : privmsg.php

Can you guys fix this?

I have this same error too. I can’t acess any of my PMs.

I don’t know what’s going on. Can’t access PMs, internal server errors, and all sorts of strange things. What do you think is up TSS?

Awww man, I’m getting the same message! :frowning: I can’t retrieve any PMs from mah WALL•E… :cry:

Maybe it’s some result of high traffic on the server. After all, we’ve got a ton of new posts buzzing about TS3 lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, cuz now I won’t be able to respond to mo for a while. :frowning: (Umm, wow. That sounds kinda selfish and lame, doesn’t it? :laughing:)

little chef

I can’t respond to IncredigirlVirginia. If you’re reading this IncredigirlVirginia, I promise that I’m not ignoring you. :blush:

little_chef_eva09: I hope that’s the only problem, but it looks kinda serious. No, it looks VERY serious. It’s not often that phpBB dies like that.

I’m having the same problem too when I check my PMs… can the site admins look into this?

I’m sure they will whenever we get their attention. TSS, can you do anything about it? Do you have any experience with server level administration?

Hey guys. Just to let you know that I have had a look into the problem, performed a couple of troubleshooting actions, and currently the matter should be resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you so much Phileas! It’s working for me now. How about you guys?

Yup, it’s great. As always, thanks for your timely response, Phileas. You’re like PP’s resident superhero, swooping in to save the day (and our butts)!

Yup, had the same problem and now it’s working just fine. Thanks, Phileas!