Post Deletion -- Reason or Technical?

Hi. I was wondering why a post I wrote yesterday (my review of Toy Story 3) would be summarily deleted from the board for seemingly no reason at all, with no email or mention about it. I’m wondering if it’s a new glitch or technical issue (before this I hadn’t posted for a month) – but I’ve never had something like this happen before, and the post did make it successfully to the board, where it stayed up for at least a few hours.

After finally having a chance to see Toy Story 3, I came home and wrote my review of it here yesterday (July 15 USA time). It had nothing that would violate any rules. It was posted in the right place (“Your Toy Story 3 Reviews”), and there were no spoilers, foul language, or anything else that would in any way come even close to constitute a reason for deletion. Except perhaps that I didn’t give it an absolute, complete 100% glowing review? I said that while it was a good movie worth seeing, for me it didn’t reach the heights of some of the other Pixar films (including the last in the Toy Story series, Toy Story 2).

The post made it up online just fine – as I checked back a few hours later to see if there were any replies (there weren’t, but my post was still there).

Then today (the following day) I looked again, and my post, and all evidence of it, has completely vanished. No email to explain a reason why. Not even a hint or anything left to show that I even made that post. Instead, the post that was originally right before mine (one written about 5 days ago) is now the last post in the thread. When I clicked my handle to see the number of posts I’ve made over the years, it now shows my most recent one being about a month old. There’s nothing to indicate I made a post yesterday.

Is this some sort of technical problem? Or did someone here simply decide to delete it for some unknown, random and unfathomable reason? It hasn’t been moved, and there was no email or notice about it (nor any reason to delete it). It made it up just fine for at least a few hours, then has completely vanished. Has this been happening on the board here to others, or did someone just not want a review that wasn’t a pure 100% positive?

I’ve posted on Pixar Planet for a long time, always responsibly. As a musician who has worked on a bunch of the Pixar films myself, I created threads about the experience of doing so for both Wall-E and Up. I’ve enjoyed the board, and am somewhat baffled to see what just happened. This has never happened before, though I don’t know if it’s something new. But the post was successfully added (it was there when I checked back a few hours later), though now it’s simply gone without reason, like it was never posted.

Have any idea what happened?

We’ve had a few instances of posts vanishing lately, miafka. I’m almost certain that it wasn’t one of the moderators (at least, I know it wasn’t me!) as if a post of yours had been deleted, you’d at least be given a reason.

And I know your post shouldn’t have been deleted because I’ve read it before it disappeared and it was absolutely fine in its content.

It sounds like a technical glitch more than anything, though I’m sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully Phileas will be able to discover the root of the problem. Other posts that have also disappeared have also been in the Toy Story section as far as I can remember, so that might be something to do with the glitch.

I can’t give you an explanation, because honestly, I don’t know what happened to your thread. I do know that Pixar Planet and Upcoming Pixar have been experiencing server issues because of such a high amount of traffic. It is possible that your post could not be recovered after one of those incidents (which have become quite frequent lately.) All I can really do now is apologize for your loss. :confused:

No problem, and at least I’m relieved to hear that the reason seems to be a technical one, not because someone didn’t happen to like my review of the movie. It just seemed kind of strange though, because it’s not like the post never made it, it was up for all to see for a couple hours (as lizardgirl pointed out), before suddenly vanishing. Oh well, nothing’s perfect of course (and it’s good to hear that Pixar Planet is getting so much traffic). I guess in the future I should save my posts for a few days in case it happens again (as I usually just type them live online and if they get deleted I’d have to start from scratch again).

If the deletions are some sort of problem where there’s too much traffic to, or not enough space in the Toy Story area, would making separate areas for TS, TS2, and TS3 help? (instead of having comments for all 3 Toy Story films in the original TS area).

Sorry for your loss, miafka. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one. wannabechef91 has also informed a few weeks ago something similar happened to him. It doesn’t happen very often though, but like you said, it might help to save a backup.