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How about we make this thread where you post links for interviews (there will probably be at least a half-dozen of them hopefully). I made a thread for posting pictures and misc links, but I think interviews are a little different, and probably warrant their own thread. Either audio or video interviews.

There’s one just out yesterday (haven’t had a chance to hear it yet) but NPR’s “Fresh Air” interviews Pete Docter.

A short description is here: … =104535370

If you can’t find it on the NPR or Fresh Air site, you can get it (for a while, anyway) on PODCAST.COM’s Fresh Air site:
And scroll down to 5/26/2009’s show where you can listen or download it.


also provided as a ZIP in case the link doesn’t work.


Pete Docter in a mini interview with 1190 KEX in Portland, Oregon. nothing special, but still fun to Liston to. :slight_smile:

Here a few more interview vids, with the first one being slightly out of sync with the audio:

Scott Clark Interview … -fresh+div

Cuties Jordan Nagai Interview

A big Thank You to my sister for telling me about this:

Pete Docter was the guest this morning on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” - there is a brief interview, then he plays their “Not My Job” game, where he has to answer three questions about a topic unrelated to his job. You can listen at the following link.


I got to catch that live thanks to an informed Pixarian on twitter. It was short, but sweet. Pretty cool though. Gotta meet that guy someday.

Did you catch it when the host said something about them marketing “a Carl Muntz walker,” getting the character names mixed up? I did kind of an audio double-take at that: “What did he just say?” :laughing:

I did! I was like,… Carl Muntz? They both have canes, but,… and I was like, c’mon Pete, call him out! Haha!

New Pete Docter Interview (21 Dec 2009):

There was a new interview with Pete Docter on this week’s “The Business”, a show about the entertianment industry from KCRW, one of the two main Los Angeles area NPR stations. You can download the podcast for free.

Go here:

And scroll down a bit, looking for the “MON DEC 21, 2009” show.
(If you’re reading this after about three months, you may have to dig deeper. I’m not sure how long they keep the shows available for podcast).

[i]MON DEC 21, 2009
Pixar: There’s a (Pete) Docter in the House

Pixar scored big with Up! this year, and now they’re seven for seven. We chat with a member of the company’s original brain trust and the director of Up! about Oscars, 3-D and making movies that almost everyone loves. Plus, James Cameron’s Avatar cost hundreds of millions to make. How much green does it need to earn to put Fox in the black?[/i]