Pre WALL-E Practice Commentaries

I didn’t understand… Are you going to interview the members on short films in order to choose the one who will be an interviewee on Wall-e for Radio Pixar? I would like to share my opinion about Wall-e :slight_smile:

Actine - We will be doing more than one WALL-E fan commentary, so if you want to be in a WALL-E commentary, you can. We do practices so the commentators can get used to commentating in a group, and also so we can work out the bugs in our technology. A practice on a short film is required before one can commentate on a feature film. I’ll need a schedule of when you’re available so we can find a time to do a practice. Also you’ll need to download Skype and set up an account. You’ll need a headset, or a microphone and headphones, or two pairs of headphones. The commentaries won’t be available on Radio Pixar (but if they were available on Radio Pixar, we’d probably get a lot more comments). There’s a list of our completed commentaries here.

so are we doing presto?

I finally got a working headset!! But … my days will be limited as to when I’ll be able to record, starting February 2nd, and I’ll be working in Disney for four months. So … I don’t know my schedule yet, but hopefully I can still participate.

I have everything what is needed - a Skype account, a headset, a mic and some time. I am busy (school, private tutors etc) and that’s why I use Skype mostly from a PDA. It’s drawback is that it uses slow GPRS connection an it freezes while attempting to phone over it. But on the workdays I can be at the computer from 4PM to 1AM GMT.
But there is still a problem. My spoken English is very lame. I nearly didn’t manage to get any speaking practice (only one - with The Maharimbas music band from Corvallis, Oregon). Also I would like to find some new friends over here (from the English-speaking countries). I think we can join these two things. I WILL HIGHLY APPRECIATE if someone decides to contact me over Skype just to have a chat :slight_smile: My skypeid is trueactine (despite the unique nique, actine was already taken by some Darrow Laboratories :slight_smile: )

Glad to have you on board, Actine!

About your English: you may be a better English-speaker when you are talking, than on the forums (although, I can pretty much understand everything you say on the forums, anyway.) I would offer to chat with to improve your English, but I’m a pretty shy person… maybe we could organise something, though. I’ll think about it. We will also have time before the practice commentary to chat, but that may not be enough time to practice your English skills before recording. But it will be a practice anyway, so maybe we could see how good your English is for the practice, and if you need improvement, we can organise help for you in time for the feature film. It’s always good to have people from different countries and accents because it represents the broad spread of Pixar fans around the world. =)

To anyone waiting to do the pre-WALL•E pratice commentary: Peter (qxgnxamy) is away for the time being and doesn’t have access to a computer/Internet. I’m not sure when he will be back. So we have to be patient for now and hopefully he’ll be back soon.

I just now noticed this thread… :blush:

Are all the spots taken up for WALL-E? I’m guessing so… :stuck_out_tongue:

JesusFreak - No, no, no. This thread is for members who would like to be in one of the WALL•E commentaries (it looks like there is going to be at least two, due to the popularity of WALL•E), but haven’t yet participated in a practice. One of the rules is that if you want to comment on a feature film, you have to be in at least one practice so that’s why this thread was created. Once the practice has been done for the members concerned, the people interested in doing WALL•E will be split up into two groups. That can include people who have already participated in a feature, and probably will.

I’m guessing that you ranked WALL•E in your top 5 films you wanted to comment on? In that case you should make it into one of the commentaries. If not, speak to Peter about it after the lists are made. Keep an eye out on this section of the forum for any notifications about the WALL•E commentaries (but first this practice needs to be done, so it might not be for a while, I’m not really sure).


OHHH, ok. I should really read the first post of the thread before commenting. :blush:

Yes, I think I ranked it #2, so I’ll be open for any of the practices. :slight_smile:

to rachelcakes1985:
Thanks for your readiness to help me. I am fed up with constant writing and typing. How I recognize the speech depends on the speech itself: e.g I understand everything on Eurosport channel, but I can hardly understand the live chat on the go - it is too fast and lots of sounds are omitted, so it is too quick to be able to look up in your phrase stock and find a stable expression for a match.
I understand you. Everyone is shy a bit, but interaction is always a good experience. I don’t think it will be a good idea to have your voice morphed by a vocoder :slight_smile:
Today (Sunday, Jan 18) I will be online from PC about at 7 PM GMT, and tomorrow - from 2 PM GMT to 4 PM

Actine - I’ve added you to my Skype list, so when you log on there make sure to accept me as a friend. =) Maybe we could see what your English speaking skills are like when you do a practice, and then if you wanted to do some one-on-one speaking with me over Skype, maybe we could organise that afterwards.

If you want to get an idea of what we sound like, you can listen to the completed Pixar fan commentaries. Most of them are just practices, but the Toy Story one goes for the whole length of the feature. We all speak English as our first language (well, most of us, and with all of us in the TS commentary, English is our native language), but some of us may be easier to understand than others, depending on what accent you are used to listening to. I’ll also make a note to slow down my speaking and to try to use easy phrases if I’m ever in a commentary with you. :slight_smile:

I need the following people to send me their schedules for the next 3 weeks via a private message, as well as your Skype username if I have not added you to my contact list already:

Dragon of Omnipotency
Fairly Odd New Yorker

This is for the people who would like to participate in the WALL•E commentary (or a future commentary), but haven’t yet participated in a practice. Please be as specific as possible with your schedules. If there’s anyone else who would like to be in this practice so they can participate in WALL•E, send me your schedule, too. The film you are going to practice on is Presto. It may be a good idea to research on that short film a bit so you have a few things to say.

If you are interested in participating in a fan commentary for a film that is not WALL•E, I’ll schedule another practice after the WALL•E commentaries have been completed. Otherwise it may get hard to organise a practice for so many people.

erm, OK

Mon-Thu: returning from school at 14:00 GMT. Can be online on demand until 22:30 GMT. On Wed-Thu have private lessons to appr. 17:20 GMT. Fri - I go to my granny’s house, so I’m not available in the evening. I can go home at any time I want on Sat/Sun. On Sun I’m home from 19:00 to 22:30 GMT. Rarely I can not be online on that time - it depends on the time my mum works. I also can stay a night home (Fri-Sat) and be online in the morning And sometimes I can miss the school (Wed or Thu only)

Thank you for your schedule, Actine. If I have any questions, I’ll send you a message.

For the rest: please send me your schedules as soon as you can (as well as your Skype username, if I’m not on your contact list already) so I can organise the practices, then the feature commentaries. I don’t want to spend a month on getting a simple practice done. I have a rough outline of the times that some of you are free, but would prefer a definitive schedule for the next 3 weeks.

that’s the hard part for me, I don’t have a definitve schedule, but after 9PM-10PM UT any nigth should be ok

Thanks, WALL·E. When would the recording have to finish for you at night?

it only is 5 minutes, so 10pm at the latest.

I’ll let you know my schedule once I’m in Disney (on Monday). I’m pretty sure I won’t take classes (for various reasons) so I’ll have some free time … that, and it shouldn’t take so long - it’s when and if I actually commentate (Mac says that’s a word xD) on a movie that I’ll have some trouble with.

And suddenly the thought hit me - what do you movie-commentators do if you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the commentary? :laughing:

WALL·E - Do you mean you are free starting from 9pm until10pm? Is that correct? Are you still available between 6pm - 10pm on a Saturday? Yes, the short is only 5 minutes long but taking into consideration people turning up late, technical problems and the like, it’s always best to have more time than too little. I will try to see if that one hour of free time per day will match up with others, if it doesn’t you may have to do a separate practice.

FONY - Ok, thanks. Why would you have some trouble commentating on a movie? Is it because you wouldn’t have enough free time? Also, are you interested in commentating on WALL•E, or was it only A Bug’s Life that you wanted to do?

Make sure to go before the commentary starts. :wink: During the Toy Story commentary we had a break roughly halfway through recording where you can go off the computer to get a drink, something to eat, use the bathroom… if you really needed to go while we were talking, you can always flick on the mute button on your headset or mic (if it has one) and leave the commentary then return and join in the conversation again. I wouldn’t recommend announcing it to everyone, though, but there will be a Skype chat box open and you can type it there to let us know you’ve left.