Pre WALL-E Practice Commentaries

This thread is for planning the practices we’ll have before doing the first WALL-E commentary over Skype. We need to choose short films to practice on as well as times to do the practices. Once the practices are completed we can discuss them here.

I vote presto

Hm. Am I allowed to participate? Or, at the least, place a spot in any future commentaries? I did performed a commentary once on the WALL-E movie. :slight_smile:

But, anyway, it seems like this have been all planned out, so I will just reserve my spot for the next commentary with available spots if I cannot enter this one.

Dragon of Omnipotency - Sure, you can participate. I’ll need a schedule of when you’re available as well as your time zone. We’ll be using Skype to communicate with each other, so you’ll need to set up an account if you don’t have one already. Which short film would you like to practice on?

I think I’ll go with Presto now, since I think Mater and the Ghost Light is a bit long, and I haven’t seen Your Friend the Rat enough … but I’ll go with whatever we settle on. :wink:

so that’s 2 for presto.

Sorry guys, but Skype viciously attacked my mom’s computer, asking to be opened whenever we clicked on a link. It wouldn’t quit, and my mom flipped, so I had to remove it. :stuck_out_tongue: Unless I can find out a way to make it actually work on this stupid Mac, I’m afraid you’ll have to count me out. :frowning:

This really stinks … I was looking forward to it too. And I thought today couldn’t get any worse …

Oh, I am afraid I would only be on very late, especially for you guys under the EST timezone. I had converted mine to EST, and I would only be on after 9:00PM - 10:00PM (EST). From then on, I am probably awake the whole time. :slight_smile:

As for my selected short, I would like to do Luxo Jr., the classic. Since I performed a commentary on one Pixar feature that is considered a masterpiece, might as well do it on another one.

If that is not possible, then I would go with the other old shorts like Geri’s Game, For the Birds, Boundin’ (especially), or if those still can’t work, then I would choose Mater and the Ghost Light. Haven’t watched that one myself. :wink:

FONY - So Skype asks to be opened whenever you click on a link in Safari or FireFox? Are you running Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later? You could try posting a description of this problem to the macosxhints forums. That’s where I post problems with my Mac that I can’t solve. There’s also the Skype for Mac OS X forums. If all else fails, you could install Skype on a separate Mac OS user account from your mom’s.

Dragon of Omnipotency - How many hours will you be available after 9:00PM - 10:00PM (EST)?

14 - 15 hours, counting from 9:00PM (EST). :wink:

qxgnxamy: It was doing this on Windows - it doesn’t work at all on my Mac. Well, only static, no matter what I do. :stuck_out_tongue: The input is just not working properly - I’ve searched for a lot of solutions but they never work. I don’t know what to use for input - I have a headset with a mic but all it picks up is static, and it’s brand new! x_x

I heard a lot of people with Macs were having trouble with Skype, and that no one helped them to fix it so it just remains nonfunctional. Seems I’m doomed to that same fate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dragon of Omnipotency - Thanks, I’ll add that information to your calendar.

FONY - Most Macs need USB headsets, because their audio input ports can’t pick up microphone level input. Did you buy an analog headset?

qxgnxamy: Yeah, that’s probably the problem. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve tried to get a USB headset, but the Apple store only had really expensive ones, and there are all different sorts online and I am just going completely nuts trying to find the perfect headset. :frowning:

This is the headset I’m using, it works great for me. I also tried this one; it was too small for me, but the microphone quality was good. They both should be available at Circuit City. However there may be some new ones that were introduced since I was shopping for headsets.

Thanks - I’ll check it out, hopefully the Circuit City by me has it. It’s just absolutely crazy trying to find anything that’s Mac compatible lately. :frowning: Thanks for the tip! I’ll try and get it ASAP. :wink:

Mine can O_o, and i dont need a headset. I’m using an eyetoy & speakers

FONY - You’re welcome!

WALL·E - You’ll have to use headphones instead of speakers. Otherwise there will be feedback.

yeah i figured a while ago, i have plenty of phones

I’m going to get a headset within the next week, just so you guys know. :wink:

good. :slight_smile: