Presto- Plush Alec

Does anyone have one or know where to get one? I am looking for one. I didnt even know they existed until I saw him on Disneyoutlet marked as “no longer available”.

Any help is much appreciated.



There was one?! :open_mouth:

Dang I wished I could get that now :frowning:

eBay is probably your only chance. Do a saved search and you’ll get an email if one turns up.


There is an Alec plush at this site.

Type in in the searh box.

They are sold only for the Japanese market.

I so want a Luxo Jr. plush.

I’d like the hard one that came with the Up pre-order, but I shall never have it. :cry:

I know they sell an Alec plus at the Pixar Studio Store, but, of course, you’ll have to get into Pixar to buy one.

Sigh All the good stuff is at the Pixar Store! Someday, I’m going there just for all the awesome exclusive Pixar merchandise. An Alec plush would be nice, but what I really want is one of those Luxo Jr. desk toys!

I need an Alec plushie! So adorables!

Why is it all the good stuff is at the one place that 99.99% of us have no way to get into?