Presto (2008)

EDIT: Image from AWN Magazine. Old image from Cartoon Brew.
Synopsis from Disney A to Z supplement, by Dave Smith.

Aaaah… It’s about time they announce the sort attached to Wall•e ! :smiley:

Sounds and look very Pixarish :mrgreen:

Ah, now this looks like a great Pixar short film. The screenshot looks great, the premise sounds good, and it’s fantastic to see Doug Sweetland directing. He’s one of Pixar’s top animators, and the fact that he’s the voice actor for this as well is intriguing.

I love all this new Pixar news! this looks promising. :smiley:

Note the consonance between “Presto DiGiotagione” with the italian word “prestidigitazione” (prestidigitation)

but also a bad note…
this short seems very similar to an early PDI computer-animated short, Gabola, the Great Magician… this is not good…

This sounds awesome, can’t wait!! I can see the magician being very snooty and the bunny being very clumsy and hilarious.

EDIT: I watched Gabola the Great, and although I see what you mean with the similarities, there may be considerable differences, for example, PDI’s short is a magicians show, while Presto is most likely about the back stage life of Presto and the Rabbit, Alec, with a scene featuring his act. Of course, that’s just a prediction, but the plot details are pretty specific. it looks very comedic, and emotional at the same time.
Note: I love how it clearly says PDI but they still label it as Pixar. :stuck_out_tongue:

The rabbit is so cute and the magician looks like he could be a character from Ratatouille, or something. The idea is very Pixarish, indeed. I want to know if this will be dialogue-free. It’s better when Pixar can tell a story without dialouge: makes it more interesting to watch. Although, since a lot of the first part of WALL•E is dialogue-free, they may not want to go with that approach…

Either way, this looks like another fantastic short film! :mrgreen:

Finally! so it’s about magic, ay? Looks like fun to me.

Are you sure this will be released with Wall-E?

Because a few websites told me that WALL-E will start with a new Cars themed Pixar short.

Looks good, but it would have been better if they kept with the sci-if theme and release it with WALL-E.

Can you list some of those websites? Please.

Hehe, it looks cute. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see it, whenever it comes out.

The supplement of Disney A to Z says that it is attached to WALL-E and released on June 27, 2008, and CartoonBrew announced a month ago that the short attached to WALL-E would be directed by Doug Sweetland, so I think it’s pretty sure that this is our next Pixar Short.
The new Cars short is rumored, but I don’t think it’s going to be released too early.

I’m sure that Presto will be hilarious and great. Gabola was nothing more than a test, and its humor was a bit splatter… But choosing the same theme, the same characters (an italian magician and a vexed rabbit) isn’t too original, comparing it to the original ideas of the previous shorts. Anyway I’m sure it will be different, and i am waiting for it :smiley:

I think it will be great :smiley:

No worries, it like A Bug Life and Antz, with completely different stories.

Actually, I think it’s better for Pixar to contrast their shorts and feature films with totally different themes, which has been the pattern so far…

Nothing like sci-if. 8D

I agree. This short, “Presto” in comparison to Wall•E really reminds me of the contrast between “Boundin’” and The Incredibles. As soon as Boundin’ ended, the theme completely changed. I believe Brad Bird acknowledged that in the TI commentary.

But anyway, I can’t wait to see it! It looks really cute. It is definitely something I could imagine Pixar animating.


Yeah I like to see a little variety. I honestly dont remember any of their shorts having the same theme as the movie they were placed with…

Presto huh? Well, this will be an intresting one. I can’t wait to see it.