Printable versions?

Is there an option of viewing printable versions of threads? Normally, I would have no problem printing a thread as is, but by selecting the ‘Print Preview’ option on my computer, the forum formatting is such that a substantial amount of the text is cut off. Does anyone have suggestions for printing unaltered versions of threads?

Bump; even if nothing can be done, I’d still appreciate a reply. :mrgreen:

I also want something similar to this…a mobile browser friendly version of the site. It takes ages to load this site on my DSi, and I like to browse web pages on it sometimes.

Hm, well, I’m not the HTML expert here. I suppose it could be done. I think at the moment we don’t actually have a Coder for Pixar Planet, so stuff like this has to be put on the backburner. It is a good suggestion, though. Maybe you could just copy and paste the text into a Word document or something, in the meantime.

I also want something that looks like this … a mobile browser version of the site. It takes a long time to load the site on my DS and I want to surf the internet about it sometimes.

Please don’t spam our boards with your websites - Rachel.

I started this thread two years ago and it seems somewhat obsolete now that the forum has been upgraded. I have no problem with the Mods locking this thread if they see fit.