Private Messaging Suggestions

I just have a couple of suggestions relating to Private Messaging…

  1. Would it be possible to have an increase of our PM storage limit? For various reasons, I like to keep my PMs and don’t want to delete them. Maybe we could just have the normal limit as a standard, but for those who would like some more storage, they could request some? I’m talking, like, double the amount of storage, here…

  2. The option of having a pop-up box tell you when you have received a new PM. I know some people are annoyed by this (or it scares the bajebuz out of you when a pop-up box comes from nowhere), which is why an option of turning it on and off would be a good idea as well.

I look forward to reading the feedback to these suggestions as well as the feasibility of them. Thanks!

I agree with you on the first option. I have tons of private messages that I can’t store on my main Index page, meaning that I have to relocate them to my “Save” box if I really wish to keep those messages. And then, of course, the “Save” section eventually gets filled up to the brim, as well…

Yeah, we need more space. (snigger)

As for your second suggestion: Actually, there is an option in every users’ “Profile” page that allows him/her to be notified of new private messages via a pop-up box, if they wish. Simply go to your “Profile” page, scroll down near the bottom of the page, and select “Yes” in the option that says, “Notify on new Private Message”. Voila´! :wink:

– Mitch

I didn’t even know what the “save box” was - I think I might have to use it… And thanks for letting me know about the pop-up message option. I must have been blind not to have seen it before. Thanks, Mitch!

rachel - My pleasure, rachel! :wink:

By the way, I’m starting to think that the “Notify on new Private Message” option might send you an alert to new private messages via e-mail and not a pop-up box, but I could be wrong. Still, I’m quite certain that alerts are sent by way of pop-up boxes. I suppose you’ll simply have to test it out and see.

– Mitch

Even still, I never recieve a notification via email or Popup box.

I turned the option on in my profile to recieve a notification when I got a new private message, but all it does is send me an email, which isn’t of any use to me since I log on here first, before I even check my email. So, a pop-up box option would be ideal.

Yeah it just sends me an email too. I suppose a pop-up box would be nice, but for me its not really an issue, as I do check my email first before logging in here. Plus I have a pop-up blocker so it would tell me there was pop-up that was blocked so I’d assume it meant a PM message.

rachel - Ahh. So a notification is sent to you via an e-mail. I see. Well, that turns the tables around a bit. I suppose that you could post your suggestion(s) to Mell if you prefer to be alerted to a new private message via a pop-up box and not an e-mail, as the former would be more direct. Other than that, there’s not much I can do to help. Sorry about that. :blush:

– Mitch

Mitch - No worries. It was worth a try, eh?

I get popups aswell O_o

rachel - Mmm. Yep, there’s no harm in trying.

WALL•E - Are you referring to the fact that you get a pop-up box indicating that you have a new private message? If so, then your system must work differently than others. Hmm…

– Mitch

You do? Okay, I don’t get a pop up, and no emails. Ony the text that says “you have * new messages” is the only way of telling me, and I tend to miss that alot too.

I just have something to say about the ‘save box.’ I’ve saved a lot of my messages to the save box because they were getting full, but now my save box is over 100% full - it’s at 146%. I didn’t think this would be possible, but I guess it is…

Once again, would an increase in the PM storage limit be possible? If the answer is no, then that’s fine, I’d just like to know the answer. I’d even be willing to pay a fee to cover the cost. Thanks.

It’s because you’re so likeable. :wink:

Oh stop, A113. You’re going to give me a big head. :wink: