PRODUCTION INTERNSHIP FALL 2015/International students

Hi there! Has anyone else applied for this internship? It seemed really last minute and application closes tomorrow. Also I am asn international student. Does anyone know what the hiring rate of international interns is at Pixar??

I applied. I unfortunately dont know the acceptance rate of international students. But I will say that from what i have gathered, if you are well qualified and meet all requirements (not sure what international requirements are, but for sure you will need at least a green card/work permit), you will be considered.

Did anyone else apply or get any updates yet?

Trex, have you heard back yet? I haven’t.

No not yet! I tried to call but I can’t get through to them.

I got a declining email today! :frowning: Have you got any idea on what they are looking for?

I have applied for the winter internship! Anyone else?

I have as well for the Animation and Art departments.